Tupperware Microwave Plates Guide

Tupperware had released some Tupperware Microwave plates that able to put into microwave for reheat purposes.

There are some users think that the microwave plate can put inside the microwave for long duration and can put the raw food inside microwave until it get cooked.

No, this perception is wrong.

In fact, microwave plates only design for reheat inside the microwave only, cannot cook.

You shall program your microwave for reheat temperature only , can't let your plate stay inside the microwave for more than 3 minutes.

Or else, your might taking risk that your plates to get burn and turn yellow color inside the microwave.

And, do not put high oily content food into your Tupperware microwave plates for reheat, as it may burn your plates too.

Tupperware Microwave Plates

Tupperware Microwave Plates  (Set of 4) -  $28.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

How to identify Tupperware microwave plates?

It is simple, just flip your Tupperware plate around, let the bottom of the plate facing up, then try to look for the logo shown in the picture below: ( the 2nd logo )

microwave safe mark, dish wash safe mark and oven suitable mask

As long as your Tupperware plate , or even other Tupperware container have the microwave safe logo, they all can put into microwave. If any of your Tupperware container printed with the 3rd logo above, it can put into your dishwasher.

Currently, the microwave plate that commonly use by public is the Tupperware blossom Dining plate that you might interested :)

Tupperware also released microwave safe Lucheon Plate that you might interested :) 

And I suggest that never ever put any form of plastic container that not label with microwave safe into the microwave for reheat.

You know, life is busy..  We might just try to cut whatever time we have; just put the plastic container with food that we brought from shop into microwave without transferring them into your microwave-safe plate. 

No, don't do that.. some cheap plastic container might contain a chemical call bisphenol-A (BPA ) , it will leach into your food from the plastic container easily.. Some of the plastic might also melt into your food due to high temperature inside the microwave.

That is why I suggest that when you have no choice to pack outside food, try to keep the habits to keep a tupperware lunch box with you, and hand over the lunch box to the chef to infill your food before bring it back :) ( All tupperware products is BPA free and toxic free )

And, whenever you put your microwave plates into the microwave, remember do not put any aluminium foil; as it can absorb heat and expose to the risk that your microwave get exploded ! 

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