Tupperware Measuring Cup Review

Tupperware Measuring Cup is a Vintage Tupperware Limited Edition product.

What is Vintage Tupperware?

Vintage Tupperware usually used to described the Classic Tupperware products that is precious and produced many years ago, that is discontinued item, just like antiques :)

There are up to 3 units of measurement for this measuring cup, that is cups, oz and pints.

You can chose whichever units that you prefer :)

This measurement cup set is come with a lid, to keep your food inside the measuring cup remain clean and hygiene when not in use.

There is a sprout near the outlet of the measuring cup, allow you to pour out your ingredients easily.

On top of the sprout is an adjustable cap, allow you to pour out your food ingredients without need to open up the whole cap.

Tupperware Measuring CupVintage Tupperware Measuring Cup

And, this measuring cup is build in with a big handle, that allow you to insert whole hand palm, that you can hold the whole cup with ease even you had full cup of serving.

Besides, it is build in with a wide base, so that it can remain stable on your pantry table for all time.

In fact, there is measurement unit printed on both side of the measurement cup body. One side is in unit of Oz, pints and cups as you can see from picture above, where by the other side of the container body is printed with ml and liters that up 2 L or 2000 ml.

When you wash this measuring cup outer body, please handle with care, just wash with wet cloth softly; to avoid the measurement prints from went off.

As you know, when the measurement prints went off, you can only used it as a normal jugs, no longer a measurement cup :(

But if your measuring cup measurement prints is went off, you can send it to any Tupperware center to do replacement since it is under Tupperware Lifetime warranty.

But, I gotta tell you upfront, when you send this set for replacement; the tupperware center unable to replace exactly the same product, but only can phased out and replace with other similar value Tupperware products..

As I tell your earlier, this is a set of vintage Tupperware product that no longer be produced... so please handle it with care and appreciate it very much :)

Modern Tupperware Measuring Cup Set

And now, this is how is the modern Tupperware measurement cup look like :)

The modern measurement cup design is come in set of 6, capacity of each cup is printed on the handle itself. The measurement for this cup set is 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1-cup capacities.

For this measurement cup set, the reading of the measurement unit won't went off at all as it is crafted on the handle, not normal printed :)

The only concern is, don't lost it after you finish using it , as it had cute size :)

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