Tupperware Luncheon Plates 

Tupperware had release quite few models of Tupperware Luncheon Plates for their customers.

I like to show you some of the Limited Edition Luncheon Plates that I had come across :)

First, take a look on this Luncheon plate set of 4 from Tupperware United States :)

It come in Natural sea green color; that you will surely relax and enjoy your meal while serving with this plates set.

And yes, this plate set is come in set of 4; ideal for a small size family :)

Each plate size is 24cm diameter, sufficient to serve meal for an adult :)

And this is one of the special plate set that able to put into microwave for reheat purposes.

tupperware luncheon plates set of 4

You can simply let your kids to eat with this plate, as it won't break even fall on the floor accidentally :)

Rainbow Tupperware Luncheon Plates

Here is another set of attractive Limited Edition Rainbow Luncheon Plates set, released by Tupperware Indonesia. There are totally 4 sharp color in this plate set, that is pink, yellow, margarita and red :)

Rainbow Luncheon Pates Set of 4

By using this different color plate set, you can assign different color plate to your family individually :) The diameter of each plate is 21.4cm, and it can almost serve as a semi-bowl as each plate had up to 3.4cm thickness.

Beside, this rainbow plate is quite light weight; only about 50g / plate.

Vintage Chrismas Luncheon Plates

Vintage Chrismas Luncheon Plates Set of 4

This is a set of Classic Vintage, precious Limited Edition Chrismas Luncheon Plate. As you can see, this Xmas Luncheon plate is coming in set of 4, 2 set in chilli red color, and another 2 sets in deep green color.

And you can see that the red plate is having a beautiful snowflake design; and the green plate is coming with a partridge picture :) Each plate diameter is 8 inch ( approximately about 20cm )

If you look into the snowflake and the partridge design, the picture is made to be so particular and beautiful  :)

Even though this is a vintage tupperware plate set, it was invented in such a design that can put into microwave for reheat, or even can put into the dishwasher :)

Vintage Tupperware Plate Set (8) in 1970s'

And now, I would like to share with you a set of Vintage Tupperware Luncheon Plate that produced since 1970s by Tupperware United States. This plate set is coming with 8 plates, each of them in different color :) 

Vintage Luncheon Plates Set of 8

To be honest, this set of vintage Luncheon Plate set is even older than me :) But from the photo itself, it still look new and beautiful even it is more than 40 years old; from here you can roughly figure out how high quality is the tupperware products :)

Each plate dimension size is 8 inch ( 20.32 cm ), ideal for serve spaghetti, mee, rojak or your favorite dishes for whole family consumption :) 

If you are looking for good Tupperware Luncheon plate deal, you can find out here

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