Tupperware Lunch Box Guide

There are few models of Tupperware Lunch Box had been introduced by Tupperware.

You can use the lunch box to bring to carry your favorite food to picnic or office, or let your kids to bring your healthy and tasty food that special prepared by you to school.

In fact, I will suggest that when you pack your outside order food, try to use your Tupperware lunch box.

First, you do it to the save our mother earth resources, avoid to create more rubbish.

Secondly, ensure you to keep the fresh hot food in the safety plastic container. Tupperware container is definitely a good choice for you :)

tupperware lunch box

What is so special about Tupperware Lunch Box?

This is one of the famous Tupperware lunch box, that know as 850 ml re-heatable lunch box. You can put this lunch box into microwave for reheat before enjoying it :)

This lunch box can serve for 3 purposes. You can prepare your favorite food in the lunch box in advance, then keep it in the fridge for to lock in the freshness, then reheat in the microwave, finally it serve as a lunch box to let you enjoy your favorite food :) 

This lunch box set is coming with a small oval container, that you can use it to keep the sauces separately, such as curry, black pepper sauces, butter sauces, tomato sauces or chilli sauces.

As you know, if your food contain sauces and mixed with your rice or mee for long period of time, the food will be soft and no longer tasty :)

If your food do not have sauces, then just take out the small container and keep in your pantry :)  

Remember that before you put the lunch box into the microwave, either you need to remove the cover entirely; or you press on the the white plastic cap on the cover, so that the heat generated during reheating process can be released from the lunch box.

There is little holes underneath the white plastic cap, when you press on it, the white plastic cap will be flipped up, and the little hole underneath will serve as heat ventilation hole for the lunch box.

Both the lunch box cover and the small container cover also attach with lid, allow you to open the lid easily.

When you open up the lunch box, there is a removable divider, that allow you to divide your rice from your dishes, or divide your mee from your meats or vegetables.

If you do not need it, you can just removed it and keep it inside your pantry cabinet :)

If you observed, there is 2 projected edge at both end of the lunch box itself, allow you to take the lunch box out from the microwave after reheat, without need to use the wet clothes or microwave gloves :)

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