Tupperware Lunch Set

Tupperware had launched various model of Tupperware Lunch Set from time to time.

Tupperware Lunch box is one of the famous products that loves by lot of customers as they can keep their favorite food to bring to work, outing, or for their kid lunch in school.

Preparing own food not only you can enjoy your favorite food anywhere you like, you can also ensure your food in hygiene, clean and healthy. Of course, you are saving a lot of money too :) 

The latest Tupperware lunch box set introduced by Tupperware Malaysia in April 2018 is known as Tupperware Foodie Buddy Set. There are all together 4 sets of different color mix lunch box set.

Each lunch box container size is 22.8 cm (L) x 14.1 cm (W) x 4.5 cm (H). 

What is so special about this Tupperware Lunch Set?

tupperware lunch set

Here is one of the Tupperware Lunch Set container in Purple and blue color combination. You can see that the lunch box container inner part had been divided into 2 section, which has total capacity of 560 ml.

With the divided section, you can divided dishes from your rice, or meat from your noodles :) There is a small container attached in this lunch box set as well.

This small container capacity is about 120 ml, and it's size is about 12.6 cm (L) x 8.1 cm (w) x 3.8 cm (H)

The small container is liquid tight, you can keep your dish sauces, curry or sambal in your small containers and no need to worry the sauces will be spilled out.

If you do not need to keep any dish sauces at all, you can just use it to put chilli sauces, or put additional dishes, or just keep it at home.

You can see the outlook and color design of this lunch box set is so adorable and attractive :)

There is a big tab on the container seal, allow you to open the container easily. There is also projected edge around the lunch box container as well; so that you can hold the lunch box with ease even though the lunch box is infilled with hot food.

Here is 2nd design of Tupperware Foddie Buddy Lunch Box set, in deep blue and yellow color.

I believe this Lunch box set color design is preferably by your husband or your boy :)

Here is 3rd set of Tupperware Foodie Buddy Lunch Box set, in chili red color and light blue color combination.

This lunch box set definitely having sharp color that eye ball catchy ! But myself personally will prefer natural and calm color combination..

And here is the last set of the Tupperware Foodie Buddy Lunch box set, combination color of pink color and margarita color. My daughter love this color combination set a lot ! 

And she is the one who make decision to buy this Tupperware Foodie lunch box set of 4 because of this color design :)

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