Tupperware Lunch Box Guide

Tupperware lunch box is a must have if you prefer to enjoy your home made food :)

In fact, not only home made food, you shall also use the lunch box to take away outside food, better than using the cheap plastic bag that use by the most hawkers in food court - that might released toxic.

Tupperware Lunch Box 790ml Set of 4

What is special about Tupperware Lunch Box Set?

This lunch box set is Tupperware Small Goody Box with cariolier, each of the container has capacity of 790 ml. You can carry the lunch box set wherever you want to go easily :)

You can put in different favorite dishes into different container to enjoy your meal. If you infill each container with full dishes, it can serve meal up to 4 pax. 

To remove this cariolier, you need to press down the cariolier from the top with one hand, as shown in picture above.  

Step 1
Step 2

Then, you can take out one side of the cariolier strap with one finger ( step 1 above), then pull out another side of the cariolier strap (step 2 above) to unfit the cariolier.

You can repeat the same process again to open one side of all containers.

Here you had remove one side of the cariolier. After you had remove one side of the cariolier, you can remove another side of the cariolier easily.

After you had remove the cariolier, you can take out the lunch box container indvidually.

Each of the lunch box container do not have any divider inside. If you wish to separate your dish, you need to use more than one lunch box container.

You can chose to fit the cariolier up to one container, two containers, three containers or four containers.

To fit the cariolier onto the lunch box container, you just need to press the cariolier to the lunch box container edge tab with your both thumb one by one.

The lunch box cover is liquid tight, you no need to worry that the vegetable dishes sauces will be spilled off from the container when you carry it to walk around.

Here is another set of Tupperware Lunch box 620 ml ( Set of 4 ), this lunch box set is know as Tupperware Large Square Away Set. 

This lunch box set will be having smaller capacity compare to Tupperware Goody box set of 4. This Large Square away set do not have attach with a cariolier, you need to prepare your own carry bag to bring it along for outing.

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