Tupperware Lid Guide

There are lot of different tupperware lids that been introduced into their customers.

Most common shape for different container lids will be round, square, rectangular, oval and even triangle shape.  

Most time when tupperware center encounter Tupperware lifetime warranty replacement, most of the spare part that need to do replacement is lid.

And most defect that happened is due to a lot of tupperware users do not know how to open their lids :)

twisted tupperware lidTwisted Tupperware Lid

This is how usually we open tupperware lid :) You can see that the lid had been over "twisted" a lot, the lid will be easily get damaged if we always open our lid in this way :(  

Yes, you can send the defected lid to claim for Tupperware lifetime warranty to replace a new lid in any tupperware center. But there are 2 factor you need to consider; first, you need to spend your time and effort to visit tupperware center to do the replacement, you can avoid these works by learning how to protect your lid :)

And, the replaced lid might be in another color, and do not meet your original container color..  Well, as a tupperware lover, I guess you will be sad for quite sometime if you see your lid and container color do not match each other :(

Yup, when exercise Tupperware lifetime warranty, Tupperware will replace with a new spare part, the staff will collect back your defected spare part and send back to Tupperware HQ.

And, you do not have the right to chose the color of the replaced spare part. You will need to accept whatever color of the replaced spare part.. Of course, you have the right to chose not to replace the spare part now and wait until new spare part has your favorite color..

But frankly speaking, it is not so practical :( Do you really have emperor of time to revisit tupperware center again and again to wait the spare part color you want to appear ? :)

How to open and close the Rectangle / Square Canister tupperware lid correctly?

Basically, try not to over-twisted your tupperware lid when open it, then your lid is quite durable for very long time :)

Below method is suitable to open Tupperware canister with square lid or rectangular lid: 

open rectangular tupperware lid step 1Step 1 - pull up 1st corner of the lid slightly ( chose to pull up the corner that attach with a tab will be easier for you )
open rectangular lid step 2step 2 - pull up the 2nd corner beside the 1st corner.

Step 3 and step 4 will just pull up the 3rd corner and 4th corner of the lid in opposite direction of the seal :)  

When you try to close square / rectangular canister lid, you shall put the container base on the table, then put the lid on top of the base, then press the lid edge into container wall edge with both of your thumb; right thumb moving in anti clockwisde direction and left thumb moving in clockwise direction.

Check out the video I made below for easy understanding :) 

Remember to check the connection point between the lids and container wall to ensure that the lid had 100% "fit" into the container base :)

How to close the round canister lid correctly?

tupperware round canisterbasically, when close tupperware round canister lid, shall put the container on the table, then put it's tupperware lid on top of of the container itself.
close round canister lid step 1step 1 - use both thumb to press in the lid to the container wall edge.
close round canister lid step 2step 2 - press in the lid to the container wall bit by bit, right thumb press in and move along the container edge in anti clock wise direction , whereby left thumb press in and move along the container edge in clock wise direction.
close round container lid step 3step 3 - both thumb continue moving..
close round container lid step 4step 4- both thumb continue moving and press in the edge, nearly meet each other and the top of the lid..
close round canister lid step 5.step 5 - the canister lid shall be closed when both thumb meet together :) However, you might encounter case that some round small canister lid is very tight and hard to close.. When come to this point, you will need to push in the container wall little bit via your index finger and middle finger for you to close the lid easily.

To open the round canister lid correctly, remember don't over twisted your lid. Just pull up the tab area of your lid, then pull the opposite area of the lid against the tab area, then your round lid shall able to be removed :)

How to open and close the Tupperware one touch container lid?

How to identify whether it is tupperware one touch container or not? It is simple :) Just take a look at the center of the lid itself, if you see 3 arrow pointing the lid center, means it is one touch container :)

3 arrow pointing the center of the one touch lidCan you see the 3 arrow pointing the center of the lid? :)

There are few methods of closing one touch lid: The traditional one is close your one touch lid by pressing the middle of the lid via your index finger, or index finger plus middle finger (As picture show below ) ( You need to put the one touch container on the table or flat surface first before doing so )

close one touch lid via fingerJust press in the middle of the lid with your fingers until you hear a "tak" sound, then it is closed :)

This closing method is recommended in most Tupperware one touch video that you can find in youtube :) But, I do not recommend this method..Why? The center of the lid will get crack defect quite fast if you close via this method, due to the lid hurt by finger nail i guess..

And you required quite high strength to push the lid down as you only use 2 finger to transfer the strength.. in fact, your finger will be quite pain if over push :)

The second method that is more suitable is press the center of the container lid via your hand palm. This method is more relax, as you can easy to transfer your strength by hand palm compare to finger :)

But you still need to have strength to push the container seal. 

press at middle of the container lid with your hand palmpress middle of the Tupperware lid with your hand palm until you hear a "tak" sound to ensure closed :)

And this is the best way to close the one touch container lid, closed with your elbow. For elder ladies that do not have sufficient hand strength, close with elbow can transfer your upper body weight to your elbow and close the lid effortlessly :)

press at middle of the container lid with your elbowpress middle of the Tupperware lid with your elbow until you hear a "tak" sound to ensure closed :)

And to open the one touch container lid, you will need 2 hand; one hand press in the middle of the container, the other hand pull up the edge of the container at the same time to open it up :)

open one touch container lidcorrect way to open one touch container lid :)

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P/s - I just learn from a facebook friend today that, lid is the name for the ordinary tupperware container cover, whereby tupperware seal is the name for the tupperware container cover that come with air tight feature :) 

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