Tupperware Juist It Guide

Tupperware Juist It is a very good product to help you to obtain fresh and organic fruit juices easily from the fruits you like :)

Tupperware Juist it componentsJuist It Components

The Juist it itself is consist of 3 components, which know as the base, twister and strainer.

This is the complete Tupperware Juist it set after all the components fit in :)

Juist It Base

Tupperware Juist It base is the container to store the fruit juices produced. It come with clear flat surface on 2 sides of the base wall to ensure you can see the juices content level clearly without need to open up the Juist it set cover.

The bottom of the base is attached with round silicone ring, to ensure the base remain stable and won't slippery while you are using it :)

The clear window side is in flat surface to ensure easy grip while you are holding it.

You can also see the content level capacity indicator, so that you know your fruit juices in which level :) Maximum capacity for the Juist it base is 500 ml.

The base is build in with a sprout, allow the fruit juices to flow out from the base easily. And, there is 3 slot on the edge of the base, that allow the strainer to sit firmly on the base after fit in.

Tupperware Juist It Strainer

The strainer is use as a "filter" to divide the fruit skin and content away from the fruit juices. Of course, it able to filter most fruits seed away from your tasty fruit juices; etc watermelon and orange :)

This is the Juist it Strainer :)

As you can see from the pictures above, there are 2 opening option you can chose; you can chose the empty sprout or filtered sprout.

The empty sprout allow the fruit juices flow out with the content of the fruits -  if you prefer to drink fruit juices together with the fruits to chew on :)

Whereby the filter sprout will filtered the content of the fruits, that suitable for the pure fruit juices lover :)

There are 2 ways of using strainer. As you can see on the left picture above, you can put in the soft texture fruits like papaya, watermelon, pineapple or orange and crush it with the twister to get the juices.

Or, you can turn the strainer around, as shown in the right picture above, and cut the citrus fruits like orange or lemon into half, then squeeze the fruit on the strainer directly.

Please note that if you plan to put the fruits into the juist it as in left hand picture method, you no need to peel off 100% of the fruit skin. Just wash the fruit and cut into smaller size, as long as it can fit into the strainer opening will do. ( Save your time to remove the fruit skin 100% )

Tupperware Juist It Twister

The twister is use as the crusher to press down the fruits downward to the strainer. When you press the twister, try to turn and twist the twister in single direction, that can help to squeeze more fruit juices out from the fruits; that's why it is called as "twister" :) 

Some elder users may worry that they do not have sufficient hand strength to push the twister downwards.

Tupperware designed that the twister cap can be open and infill with some content, may be rice or beans, that help to increase the weight of the twister itself in order to make your twisting job much easier :)

What is so good about Tupperware Juist it?

Usually if we want to drink fruit juices, that the easiest way is to buy the fruit juices pack directly from supermarket. The problems is, usually the fruit juices pack had added with coloring, preservative and over quantity sugar that is definitely bring no good to your health.

The second option is order the fruit juices from the hawker center directly. Again, it is usually added with unhealthy artificial sugar syrup.

And, the fruit juices that produced in the hawker center usually using electricity juice blender, which is easily damage the nutrition and texture of the fruit juices - most of the nutrition was damaged.

You can easily differentiate the fruit juices produced by the Juist It will be more "thick", natural and healthy :)

You can also mixed your favorite fruit juices you loved - pineapple + orange, lemon + orange, try to be creative :)

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