Tupperware Ice Cube Tray

Tupperware Ice Cube tray is a must have product to made your perfect home made ice :)

tupperware ice cube trayTupperware Ice Cube Tray

This is my own set of Ice Cube tray that had just taken out from my fridge, infill with ice :)

As you can see, the ice cube tray is come with a cover, it allow you to cover up your whole ice cube tray to ensure that your ice will not pollute by the odor smell in the freezer.

It make sure your home made ice is 100% hygiene, clean and coming with original ice taste. 

What is so special about Tupperware Ice Cube Tray?

As you can see from above, the cover of the ice cube tray is come with a small opening with small cap.

After you infill the water into the tray, you can just put on the cover and put it into the freezer directly. 

If you had infill water into ordinary ice cube tray before, you must had experience before, overfill the ice cube tray, and need to holding the ice cube tray soft and slowly to put it into the fridge to avoid over-spill.

Can you see from picture above? When I had overfill the water, the over fill surface water will turn into one big piece of ice when you take the ice out.

But of course, if you plan to made one big piece of ice to put into juice dispenser, then you can do it this way - put on the cover, then open up the small cap, and infill the water through the small opening until it get full.

If you wish your produced ice in piece by piece, do not fill the water level over the arrow pointed in picture above. 

As you can see from the cover, it is attach with a tab, allow you to open the seal easily. 

The base of the ice cube tray is made by soft silicone, that allow you push out the ice easily by gently press on the mold.

If you are stacking your Tupperware ice cube tray in the freezer, remember to take it out carefully as the cover will become quite slippery when it is wet. 

The ice cube tray will be break easily when fall on ground. When this happen, it is consider as impact damage, and it is not covered under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty.. so please handle with care. 

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