Tupperware Ice Cream Scoop Guide

Tupperware Ice Cream Scoop is a must have if you are an Ice cream lover :)

The size of the scoop itself is about 19 cm long x 5 cm wide on the scoop surface.

It may look tiny, but in fact it is quite heavy :) The weight of the scoop itself is about 250 gram :) It give me a feel of strong and sturdy :)

What is so special about Tupperware Ice Cream Scoop?

The handle itself is come with ergonomic design that you can grip it very firmly when you glide the ice cream.

The best part is when you grip the handle, you feel that the handle is very soft and convenience to grip, that you can grip and glide through any hard ice cream easily :)

Hard ice cream? Sound funny right?

But in fact, when the ice cream that just take out from the freezer is hard as rock; you can bend your metal spoon easily if you are trying to glide fresh from freezer ice cream with your metal spoon :) 

The weight of this ice cream scoop itself is helping to cut into the hard ice cream surface easily as well :)

The surface of the ice cream scoop is covered with anti rust coating, that you no need to worry that your ice cream scoop will get rusted in future due to always contact with wet ice cream :)   

Tupperware Ice Cream Scoop (Set of 1) -  $29.50 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

The anti rust coating also save your effort from rubbed your ice cream scoop with dry clothes every time after you wash it :)

The edge of the ice cream scoop is designed to be thin, and a bit sharp.. so that you can cut through the ice cream easily.

A small tip here, to make sure you can glide your ice cream easily, you can soaked the scoop into the hot water for few minutes before you glide your ice cream.

Why? The Tupperware Ice Cream scoop itself is designed to be able to retain heat.  When you glide the hot, sharp and heavy scoop through the hardest ice cream in the world, you will feel like glide the sharp hot knife into soft cheese, try and see it yourself? :) 

By the way, please don't throw this set of ice cream scoop into your dishwasher, it is not dishwasher safe :(

Please note that this set of ice cream scoop is not covered under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty, but it is covered under Tupperware Q Warranty.

What is Q Warranty? It means that if you buy this scoop within a year, and you use it under domestic use, it had defect; then you can bring it to any Tupperware center to claim for replacement :)

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