Tupperware Hamburger Press Guide

Tupperware USA had released Tupperware Hamburger Press for burger lovers. 

You can also buy additional hamburger keepers if you want to make more than 4 hamburger at the same time. Each hamburger keepers are selling in set of 4 keeper together with one seal at USD 19.00

How to use Tupperware Hamburger Press?

This Tupperware hamburger Press set is pretty easy to use. You will just need to prepare the hamburger season you like in a big salad bowl, you can chose the season you like: chicken, beef, fish, turkey, pork or lamb, you make the call :) 

First, put one of the empty hamburger keeper on the table, insert the round ring into the keeper.

Then just scoop the season into the keeper with a spoon, ( I suggest you to use metal spoon instead of plastic spoon so that the season won't stick on your spoon easily )

You have full control over how thick of the hamburger season you wish to have :)

hamburger press tupperware

Now, insert the burger press into the keeper and gently press and turn the burger press about half circle, then turn the other way round.. and the hamburger meat is done :)

Just pull out the ring, tada.. you can see your perfect shape of hamburger meat :) Now, you just need to repeat the same procedure into to the rest of the hamburger keepers.

After you had done all this work, you can stack the all 4 hamburger keeper one after another, and the top hamburger keeper, you just need to close it with the seal.

Then, put the whole set of hamburger keeper into the fridge to freeze it for about 3 hours time, then you can cook it, fried it or grill it to your favorite hamburger.

P/s - Remember to clean your hand with soap after dealing with raw meat :)

And in fact, you can made a Drunken burger with the Hamburger Press Tupperware with some additional Tupperware products and ingredients, which are:

1. Tupperware Season Serve

2. Tupperware Turbo Chopper.

3. 455g of ground chuck.

4. one tea spoon of kosher salt.

5. half tea spoon of pepper.

6. 4 peeled of garlic cloves.

7. one quarter cup of chopped fresh Italian flat leaf Parsley

8. 1/4 tea spoon of ground clove.

9. 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil.

10. 1 cup of Marsala Wine.

11. 2 tea spoons of balsamic vinegar.

12. Onion slices ( depend on your choice )

Just take a look from video below then you know how to make a Drunken Burger:)

Looking for good Tupperware hamburger press deal? Find out here.

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