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There are some high quality Tupperware gadgets introduced by Tupperware. I like to share with you some of my favorite fantastic gadget here :) 

Tupperware Gadgets - Eco bottle Brush

Tupperware Eco bottle brush is one of the fantastic product that I love :) This brush length is 39cm.

Even you had insert this bottle brush into the 1L eco bottle, you can still have about 15cm length handle remain outside of the bottle, allow you to have firm grip on the handle and wash the bottle effectively with sufficient strength.

A lot of consumers just use the milk bottle brush to clean the drinking bottle. But to be honest, it is not suitable.

Tupperware Eco bottle Brush (Set of 1) -  $15.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

Why? Milk bottle brush length is very short, after you insert your milk bottle brush into the drinking bottle, there will usually left very little length of the milk bottle handle remain outside of the bottle; that you can hardly hold the brush.. don't even mentioned that able to wash your drinking bottle effectively :(

Besides, the Tupperware eco bottle brush fur is very hard, allow your clean the stubborn stain that stay inside of your drinking bottle effectively :)

And the fur won't fall off easily compare to the normal brush.. You know, Tupperware = high quality :)

details of eco bottle brush head

Base on my own experience, the normal brush fur can be dropped and nearly go bald within few months of usage; whereby the Tupperware eco bottle brush still remain as it is even I had used them for few years :)

Near the end of the handle, there is a hole allow you to hang your eco bottle brush vertically after you had wash the drinking bottle. I will suggest you to hang up the eco bottle brush vertically after wash the drinking bottle, let the water to dripped off itself :) 

And here is another good Tupperware gadgets :)

Tupperware Orange Peeler 

Tupperware Orange peeler is another amazing gadget from Tupperware :) It is very little stick, about 15cm long, but is very helpful to save your finger from getting pain and you no longer worry that your finger nail from getting broken when peel off your orange skin.

You can check how to use Tupperware orange peelers step by step here :)

orange peeler with peeled orange

Take a look from the video below, a pair of cute boys will show you how to use this Tupperware orange peeler :)

Becareful when you peel off the orange skin, make sure your hand that holding the orange peeler moving slowly and steadily during the peeling process. Why? The peeler edge itself is quite sharp, you may accidentally cut your hand palm if you are careless.

Ya, no joking, even though the orange peeler is made of plastic, but is quite sharp. But don't over worry, as long as you use it carefully, it will be your favorite gadget to peel off lemon or orange :)

By the way, you might interested to read our Tupperware Tablecloth Review before you buy :) 

If you are in love with can food, then you shall get a set of Tupperware can opener for yourself :)

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