Tupperware Fusion Master Guide

Tupperware Fusion Master is a very great kitchen helper that help you to mince your meat easily without heavy sweating by cutting your meat on the chopping board.

You also won't make heavy noise by using Fusion master compare to use heavy knife to knock on your cutting board, that may wake up your sleeping family members in the early morning.

tupperware fusion master set with gift box

The Fusion Master set itself is coming with a gift box, that you can keep the whole set inside the gift carton box when not in use. Remember that if you wish to keep your gift box to have longer life span, after you finish using the Fusion master, you need to clean it with dry clothes before put into the gift box.

Why? The gift box is made of thick paper, it will get damaged easily if you always let the box to contact with water directly ( Wet fusion master )

All Tupperware fusion master accessories

The fusion master set is consisted by few components as shown above; 1 set of screw ring, 1 set of sausage insert, 1 set of fine mincer disc, 1 set of coarse mincer disc, 1 set of cutting fan, 1 set of hopper, 1 set of plunger, 1 set of turn handle, 1 set of suction base with suction ring. 

In fact, these fusion master components can be assembly and disassembly easily for easy cleaning purposes :)

What is the benefits of having this Tupperware Fusion Master?

First, it will be more clean and hygiene if you mince your meat with the Fusion master compare to ask the merchant in the market to mince the meat for you. You may expose to the risk that the merchant electronic mincer do not clean frequently ( pollute by cockroach or rats ) 

Secondly, you will usually lost portion of the meat that you had paid for in the merchant electronic mincer as they do not really that patience to 100% collect your minced meat from their electronic mincer.

Thirdly, you can made your homemade healthy minced meat, burger meat, BBQ dry pork or sausages that 100% free of MSG, preservative or any harming coloring additive.

The meat that minced from the Fusion master itself is very smooth, even and elastic, regardless which part of meat you use.

For example, you will be surprise that you unable to differentiate the minced meat produced from the fusion master is from the chicken breast or chicken drumstick as they both has the same elasticity texture. 

You won't need to headache by seeing some portion meat is big, and some portion meat is small, uneven that always happen when you chop with your knife :) ( All minced meat is the same portion, same size ! )

No high strength or heavy energy required when you minced your meat ! No sweating ! And it can be done within very short period of time ! 

No longer need to clean your messy pantry after the chopping work.. the meat may fly all over the places that required long time cleaning..

Basically you just need to clean the plunger, cutting fan and the mincer screw after the job done, it mostly take about 10 minutes of your time:)

How to assembly / Disassembly the Fusion Master?


This is the Tupperware Fusion master plunger, you can hold it with your hand to push down the meat into the hopper. Besides, it serve as a storage box after you open up the cap above to keep the unused mincer disc and sausage insert; so you won't lost them easily :) 

Suction Base 

Suction base is attach with a suction ring on its base ( the black color round ring ). You can see that there is a slot and a red color lock sign as shown in the picture above.

You can adjust the slot and push it to the lock sign, then the base will lock firmly on to the table, that you can use the fusion master easily without need to worry the fusion master will move here and there on the table.

But, you need to ensure your table surface is flat in order to get the suction effects to work.

This is how the base of the suction base look like :)This is how the base of the suction base look like :)

Remember to switch the slot to unlock sign position as picture above before you want to take up the suction base from the table after the mincing work done.

Fusion Master Hopper

This is how the fusion master hopper look like :) This is where the the meat mincing work carry on :)

You can slot in or slot out the hopper on to the suction base easily as show in the picture above :)

Tupperware Fusion Master Mincer Screw

This is the tupperware mincer screw, that you need to insert it into the hopper to perform the meat mincing job. You can see that it is very easy to clean after the job :)

There are 2 different end side of the mincer screw; one end side is screw shape, for you to fit in the handle, and the other side is with a small square metal plate in middle, for your to slot in the cutting fan later on.

You can insert the mincer screw into the hopper from the left hand side ( As shown in left picture above. After you had insert the mincer screw, it will look like the right picture above.

Tupperware Fusion Master Cutting Fan

Tupperware Fusion Master Cutting Fan is very sharp, please don't simply try its sharpness with your own finger :) Remember to hold it carefully when fit in the cutting fan to the mincer screw.

 You need to position the cutting fan correctly. Let the flat side of the cutting fan to fit in to the mincer screw, just like picture shown above. Do not fit it wrongly or you may damage your cutting fan in long run :)

Tupperware Fusion Master Mincer Disc

There are 2 mincer disc come along with your Tupperware fusion master set. One disc is with bigger holes, that is call as Coarse mincer disc. The mincer disc that come with smaller holes is known as Fine mincer disc.

If you want the meat to have more elasticity when you bite, please go for the Coarse mincer disc. If you prefer fine meat texture, then you shall chose the fine mincer disc.  

After insert the mincer screw into the hopper, fit in the cutting fan, then it is time to insert the mincer disc.

If you look at the mincer disc closely, the mincer disc had a projected edge. Make sure that the projected edge part is slot into the hopper edge ( facing up as I circle in the picture above ) so that the mincer disc will remain stable in its current position during the mincing work.

Tupperware Fusion Master Screw Ring

The screw ring is used to lock the hopper opening. On the screw ring itself is label with direction to lock / unlock the screw ring from the hopper - that you can figure out which direction you shall turn easily :)

Fusion Master Sausage Insert

The sausage insert can be used when you plan to make healthy sausage for your family members :)

You need to fit the sausage insert on the the screw ring by press it with your finger, that you can hear a "click" sound, as picture below :)

To uninstall, you just need to push the sausage insert out with your hand palm from opposite direction

This is how is the fusion master look like after fit on to the sausage insert.

Turn Handle

The turn handle is the last component to fit on to the fusion master. Just take the Fusion master with one hand, then slot in the turn handle with another hand, then turn the tab in clock wise direction to lock the turn handle on the fusion master and it is good to go :)

Remember that during the mincing work, while you are turning the turn handle, you shall feel very loose, not tight at all.. If you feel a bit tight when you are turning the turn handle, you shall slightly turn the tab on the turn handle in anti clockwise direction.. until you won't feel any obstacle while turning the turn handle :)

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