Tupperware Fundraiser Catalog Guide

Tupperware fundraiser Catalog is a good will product that launched by Tupperware USA to give back to society.

They are partnering with the local organization to fund the vital community such as orphanage home, Homes of elderly or Disabled Community.

What they do is, they are come with a Fundraiser catalog, that set a limited time offer for certain range of products within that catalog.

Any of the tupperware products sold within that Fundraising catalog, 40% of the revenue will be donated to the local community with no question asked :)

Latest Tupperware Fundraiser Catalog

Todate, there are 2 latest Fund raising catalog, one is know as 

Tupperware Fundraiser Catalog
Spring Tupperware Fundraiser Catalog

( Valid from 17 Dec 2016 to 28 July 2017 )  ( a pop up new window will open, please disable the pop up blocker if any )

The other one is know as 

Tupperware Fall FundRaising Catalog
Fall Fundraiser Brouchure

( Valid from 1 July 2017 to 29 December 2017 )  ( a pop up new window will open, please disable the pop up blocker if any )

After you open up the link, it will pop up into a new tab / new window with the catalog details, all you need to do is press the right arrow key for next page, or press the left arrow key to back last page.

If the wording shown is too small, you can just scroll up your mouse wheel to zoom in, or press Ctrl and + button together to zoom in ( and Ctrl and - button to zoom out ) if your mouse do not have mouse wheel :) 

Each of the products listed in catalog itself is showing clearly how much will be donated to the charity organization after the item sold :)

It will be 40% of the sales will be donated ! I will say Tupperware is very generous ! And I believe this generous profit sharing strategy will definitely boost Tupperware sales !

As most people will be more open minded to buy if they know the products are contributing to charity foundation.. As I believe, human is tend to be good :) 

And please note that the Tupperware Fund raising is not only just limit to the charity organization alone, it can be a useful tool to raise fund for the sport teams, to build school facility, and many more.

To raise fund with Tupperware is not a mission impossible, in fact it will be quite easy :) As Tupperware is the top brand among the household products, and majority of the household will in need of them :)

And the best part is, the product offered is come with Limited Time offer, which mean either you grab it before the offer duration ended, or you have to say bye bye to your favorite Tupperware products forever ~ !

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