Tupperware Fridgesmart Guide

Tupperware Fridgesmart, is one of the famous fridge storage series that keep your vegetables fresh up for weeks in the fridge :) If you are a cooking wife, then you must be aware of that usually vegetables can't last long inside the fridge, most scenario will "die" within 3 days :) 

You can keep meats, fish or even prawn to remain frozen inside your freezers up for months, but vegetables usually need to be consume within few days time, or it will damaged or "dead" in your fridge :(

What so special about Tupperware Fridgesmart?

Well, you know that when we store our vegetables inside the fridge, the surface of the vegetable leaves will be produced with moisture due to cold temperature inside the fridge.

The moisture will then turned into water drops and flow to the bottom of container itself.

As time go on, the bottom part of your vegetables will be soaked inside the water and this is the main reason why your vegetables damaged fast even remain inside the fridge :(

From the fridgesmart container you see above, the container base is in zig-zag design, whereby the water will be flow to the lower channel of the base and your vegetable part that touching container base will still remain dry without touching the water.

This is one of the secret that your vegetables can retain its freshness up to 2 weeks inside your fridgesmart container :)

tupperware fridgesmart container setTupperware Fridgesmart Container Set :)

And do you see the 2 white color cap that look like "white eyes" of the container?

Actually, these is not "eyes", but these is "nose" for the containers :)

Yup, the fridgesmart container "nose" can be open by press on it, then the air from outside of the container can flow in.

You might not aware of that vegetables need to breathe even though it had been plugged up from the land to stay alive for longer time :)

Some vegetables is under heavy breathers category, that need to breathe a lot. For heavy breathers category, you need to keep both "nose" of the fridgesmart open, to ensure sufficient air flow in to the containers.

For moderate breathers category vegetables, you will need to keep one nose open, and another nose closed.

For light breathers category breathers, you need to keep both of the nose closed in order to keep the vegetables fresh for longer time :)

Please refer to chart below for better understanding on which vegetables shall use which nose method :)

What if the vegetable on your hand do not shown on the chart above? :) Rule of thumb? Basically if the vegetables or fruits that is grow on the tree or plants, most time these vegetables is under heavy breathers category :)

If the fruits / vegetables is grow on ground, then it is under moderate vegetables category.

If the fruits / vegetables is grow underground, then it is under light breathers category :)

The nose of the fridgesmat can be removed for easy cleaning purposes :) 

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