Tupperware Freezer Containers Guide 

Tupperware freezer containers is known as Freezermate series :) Freezermate containers are specially designed to store the frozen food in the freezer.

What is so special about this freezermate containers compare to the normal cheap ice cream container that we used to store frozen food in our freezer?

The benefits of Tupperware Freezer Containers..

If you observe closely, the thickness of the freezermate containers wall is much thinner compare to ordinary tupperware container.

Why? A lot of folks think that Tupperware quality decrease a lot by judging that Freezermate container walls is so thin..

Tupperware is cutting their cost by sacrifice their product quality..

Is that the case? No, not really :) Tupperware freezermate wall is designed to be thin so that the cold air can transmitted into the food content of the freezermate container very fast - and your food can be frozen and stay fresh within very short period after you had put the freezermate containers into the freezer.

tupperware freezer containers set

And, thin container wall allow your food to defreezing very fast by just rinse with water. As the thin wall of the freezermate containers allow the cold air to escape from container very fast while you put it outside of your freezer.

In fact, this thin wall design help to save your refrigerator energy. The refrigerator freezer is build in with a sensor. When the temperature of the freezer reach your preset temperature, the electricity supply will be cut off and the motor will stop working.

Until after awhile, the temperature is going up, the sensor detected that the temperature had over the preset degree, the motor will work again to ensure the temperature to reach your preset temperature.. and this cycle will repeat again and again.  

If your Tupperware freezer container walls is very thick, then the motor will keep on working since it take longer time for your freezer containers to reach the preset temperature.. more power supply required = higher electricity bills to pay :) 

You can see the difference by comparing putting your food into Tupperware freezermate containers, normal plastic container and the plastic wrap into freezer from video below:

In the middle of the container wall, there is a clear window, allow you to see your food content without need to open the seal. Please note that the container seal is coming with a tab, allow you to open the seal easily. 

Please do not just pull the the tab and open the seal directly, you will damaged the seal in long run :(

You shall just need to pull at 4 angle of the seal one by one and then take out the seal. Your freezermate seal will be last very long time :)

Tupperware Freezermate Essential Set (Set of 7) -  $82.00 including free shipping to United States.

This set inclusive of :

Tupperware Freezermate Small II 650ml ( Set of 2 )

Tupperware Freezermate Medium II 1.5 L ( Set of 2 )

Tupperware Freezermate Large II 3.1 L ( Set of 1 )

Tupperware Freezermate Medium I 550 ml ( Set of 1 )

Tupperware Freezermate Medium III 2.3 L ( Set of 1 )

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