Tupperware for Kids Guide

Do you wish to get some Tupperware for kids? :)

There are a few product in kid series that you may look into :)

Tupperware malaysia had launched a products series for kids within 6 months old to 18 months, and another product series within 18 months old to 36 months old.

Tupperware for kid ( 18 months - 36 months ) - Snack Cup

This snack cup is come with an attached lid, that your kid unable to accidentally lost the lid :)

The size of the snack cup design to allow the baby little hand to hold the snack cup without any problem :)

It is ideal to keep for kids favorite snack such as coco crunch, nugget, candy or chocolates when bring the kid out :)

The lid itself is come with a tab for easy opening. 

In fact, the lid is quite tight by itself after closed ( to keep the food air tight ).

You can take this chance to ask the kids to open the lid by his own hand :)

The purpose is to take the chance to train the kid hand flexibility :)

As kid usually do not has much chance to train his / her hand flexibility.

In future, when kid learn how to write with pencil, high hand flexibility allow the kid to learn to write faster and easier :)

Tupperware Snack cup 150 ml (Set of 1) -  $11.00 including free shipping to United States.

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Training Cup - Tupperware for kids 18 months to 36 months 

Tupperware training cup is specially design to train kids on how to use the drinking cup instead of milk bottle. The training cup is come with a yellow handle, allow kids to hold the drinking cup easily :)

tupperware training cupTupperware Training Cup :)

The cup body itself is printed with capacity indicator, so you can infill milk into the training cup and let your kid to drink milk inside this training cup :)

The upper part of the training come had 3 indicated dot.

You will just need to turn the blue collar in anti clockwise direction to let the milk to flow out from the upper surface.

Basically, you will only turn the collar a little bit to allow only little milk to flow out from the upper part of the training cup; and you need to teach your kid to drink by touching his / her lips to the indicator dot area.

And slowly you adjust the collar more and more, to allow more milk to be flow out from the training cup.

When your kid is get used to know how to drink the milk with the training cup, then you can give the kid a real cup, and he won't wet his clothes while drinking :)

Tupperware Training Cup 250 ml (Set of 1) -  $15.50 including free shipping to United States.

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