Tupperware Food Storage Tips

Tupperware food storage containers is very famous for keep the food remain fresh inside the containers itself :)

Why? Some folks think that this is just a hype or some sort of marketing strategy from Tupperware HQ to promote their tupperware products.

But in fact, it is a truth that food that keep within Tupperware containers can stay fresh for long period of time :)

How can Tupperware Food Storage containers keep the food fresh? 

Basically, all tupperware containers is made of BPA free and non toxic materials.

When your food keep in non toxic containers, of course it can stay fresh longer compare to the containers that made of cheap plastic that contented with harmful ingredients.

Sound too abstract? It is easy to made an experiment. You can buy a cheap container in any shopping mall.

Then you put in a piece of soft white bread inside it in the morning; while at the same time, you put a piece of soft white bread in another tupperware container.

tupperware food storage containersTupperware Food Storage containers keep your pantry neat huh? :)

Closed the lid for both container, and wait until evening at the same day.. You ll find that the bread inside the cheap container become like harden, whereby the bread inside the tupperware containers still remain fresh and soft :)

Another experiment, you can put your soya drinks into a used mineral bottle, closed the cap, and put inside the fridge. At the same time, put your soya drinks into a tupperware bottle, and put inside the fridge too.

One week later, you will find out that the soya drinks inside the mineral bottle become in jelly form and cannot be drink anymore.. whereby your soya drinks inside the tupperware bottle is still fresh to drink :)

Why this is happening? Because tupperware containers do not released any toxic or harmful ingredients into the food, allow your food to stay fresh longer inside the container itself :)

But of course, this is just the basic. There are many ranges of tupperware containers, different ranges of containers is designed to store different kind of food can keep your food fresh for even longer period :)

For example, the dry food that need to keep in air tight containers, such as coffee powder, milk powder, cookies, biscuits , is better keep inside the Tupperware modular mates containers or Tupperware One Touch Containers as both of them is fall under air tight containers range.

Whereby the freezer food like frozen meat, frozen fish, frozen prawn shall keep in the Tupperware Freezer Containers

The vegetables or fruits that keep in the middle section of the fridge shall keep in the Tupperware Vent Smart containers or Tupperware Fridge Smart Series Containers whereby the food that need to breathe such as Onion, garlic, potatoes shall keep in Tupperware Onion Keepers.

If you are looking for high capacity food storage container, then Tupperware Canisters are perfectly fit your need :)

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