Tupperware Extra Chef Guide

Tupperware Extra Chef is a helpful kitchen tool that help to whisk and cut your cooking ingredients within few minutes.

Extra chef is consist of few major components, which is the 1.35 L base, 3 blades, funnel, paddle whisk, cover and pulling cord.

tupperware extra chef componentsTupperware Extra Chef Components

Components of Tupperware Extra Chef

This is Tupperware base 1.35 L. 

Tupperware base allow you to keep content capacity up to 1.35 L. The base wall is mark with indicator to let your current food content capacity level.

The bottom of the container base is attaching with an anti slip silicone ring, to ensure the whole set of the Extra chef remain stable when you are using it :)

At the middle part of the base, you can see a projected nail, allow the whisk paddle and the 3 blades to sit on it directly.

As you can see from picture above, the 3 blades and the whisk can stand inside the base directly, that allow you to install the top cord on it easily.

This is the 3 blades come with a protective casing, to reduce your risk from injured yourself :) Remember to put on the protective casing right after you finish using the 3 blades. 

This is the paddle whisk, allow you to whisk the cake batter and egg mixture easily :)

This is the Extra Chef cover, that you can fit on the base. It allow you to fit in the funnel. After fit on the cover, you need to fit in the pulling cord on the cover.

This is how its look like after the pulling cord fit on the cover. When you pull out the pulling cord, remember do not pull upward or downward, try to pull horizontally ( same level with the pulling cord position ) so the string will not easily get damaged by friction with the pulling cord edge.

This is the funnel of the extra chef, that allow you to add in additional ingredients without need to open up the cover. The Funnel is mark with capacity indicator, that you can measure the capacity of your added  ingredients. 

You can turn the funnel aside so that the liquid will remain on the funnel for easy measurement purpose. After you had confirmed on the capacity, then only turn the funnel on another side to let the liquid to flow down.

You can chose to whisk, or to cut with Extra Chef, depend on your need :) In fact, you can also use it to blend and emulsify your food as well :)

When you do not use the Tupperware Extra Chef, you can actually keep all the accessories inside the Extra chef container by itself.

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