Tupperware Drink Bottle Guide

Tupperware had released many models of Tupperware drink bottle to serve their customer needs :)

In fact, I believe that the drink bottle sales might be even higher than the food container sales :)

Tupperware Drink Bottle - High Handolier

Why? Many modern families might no longer cook at home due to busy works, but they will still need to have a water bottle to carry their drinking waters :)

This is one of the famous Tupperware drink bottle that know as High Handolier. 

This tumbler set have high capacity that up to 1.5 L, and the size of the tumbler is about 23.7 cm height x 12 cm Diameter

In fact, this model is one of the classic drink tumbler.

The bottle itself is come with a pouch, that you can adjust the strap length easily according to your need.

Besides, the strap allow you to insert a small piece of paper name card, that allow you to identify your own tumbler from the rest of the similar tumblers if put together.

Please note that the pouch itself is not covered under Tupperware Lifetime warranty. The pouch is attach with a small packet with zip.

It is ideal to bring this tumbler along for exercises like jogging or have a walk if you are lazy to bring your wallets, you can just kept some necessary small stuffs such as coins, identity card or keys inside the pouch.

Remember that this High handolier tumbler set is not recommended to keep inside the car, as the cap can be easily "pop up" when your car put under the hot sun, the hot air generated inside the tumbler will push the cap to pop open.

Tupperware High Handolier 1.5 L  (Set of 1) -  $22.50 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

A lot of folks had closed the cap of this high handolier in the wrong way, like picture below:

Close the tupperware drink bottle cap wrongly.

If you look closely on the arrow pointing area from picture above, you can see that the cap is actually not yet fully closed, and the cap can be easily open when you carry the tumbler around; if your clothes getting wet by your own drink bottle is definitely not a pleasant experience :(

Step 1
Step 2

The correct method to close the cap is like the picture above :) Put your thumb near the tail of the cap, then push it forward at the arrow pointing direction as shown in step 1 picture above

When your thumb reach step 2 picture above, press the cap downward to ensure the cap lock tightly into the drinking sprout.

P/s - This is my Limited Edition Army High handolier, Look nice ya? :)

Although there is some scratches cause by finger nails near the lid surface, but my son still loves it badly :)

High handolier lids can easily hurt by the finger nails, so better be gentle when try to open the lid or open the small cap for drinking :)

Tupperware high handolier with cap open

After you refill your tumbler, and try to put on your lid - remember to open the cap as shown in picture above before you apply your lid onto the tumbler.

Why? So that the air inside the Tupperware drink bottle will not trapped inside the tumbler, and the lid will look like swollen up if the air trapped inside the tumbler, and your tumbler will be leaking easily in such scenario.

Open the cap to ensure no air trapped inside the tumbler when you close your lid. Check out how to open and close Tupperware Lid correctly here

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