Tupperware Distributor Guide

What is the benefits to become a Tupperware Distributor ? First, you will able to work within your flexible time. You can adjust your time for this business according to your own time schedule.

Most of the tupperware business builder start their career from part time basis; which is quite a norm.. Who dare to simply throw everything in without knowing they are capable for the task or not :)

**Tupperware Distributor Must have**

As a Tupperware business builder, you need to have self discipline. As in this business, you are your own boss.

No one will point his finger at your nose if you are not working.

Even your tupperware upline is your business partner, he is not your boss.

Your tupperware upline can only guide you what to do to success in your tupperware career, he can't force you to do, as he is not paying you wages  :)

So, you need to have a note to plan what time you shall do what during your free time in order to achieve your financial freedom with your Tupperware career - and to repeat it consistently until you success!

So the keyword here is "Consistently", plan is easy, do is not that difficult, do it consistently.. not many people able to achieve it :)

Willing to learn - To be a Tupperware distributor, you will go through a learning curve, like how to present your product, equip yourself with product knowledge, how to do presentation, how to host the party, how to do public speaking, to understand the Tupperware marketing plan, how to communicate with people, how to educate and how to be a good leader and rise your down line success like you... 

All these skills are not come together when you born, but it can be learn and improve throughout the practice again and again. 

Never Give up -  This is a very important attitude to have in order to become a success Tupperware distributor.

Well, Tupperware business is all about human relationship business. When dealing with human, like it or not, you have high chance to encounter lot of rejection. 

A lot of Tupperware business builders are giving up is due to fear of encounter rejection. They feel shame and unpleasant when their customers say "No" to them.

A famous Tupperware quote - Some will, some won't. So what. Someone's waiting. :)

A successful Tupperware business builder is not judged by how much sales they able to achieve in a month; but judge by how well of her leadership to build a strong downline organization empire :)

In Tupperware, it is not a game of solo hero legend, it is a game of teamwork :)

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