Tupperware Dealers Guide

The traditional ways of buying Tupperware is go through Tupperware dealers as you can't buy Tupperware products through supermarket racks or retail shop counter. 

You usually need to meet up a dealer, so that she can show you the latest catalog and brief you on the latest tupperware promotion. 

tupperware dealers

Or, you can participate in any tupperware party that host in your friends or your neighbor house, then place order through the dealers that organized that tupperware party. 

Hard to seek for Tupperware Dealers?

Yup you are right, if you have 9 to 5 daily job, or you are have daily busy schedule, such as send kids to school, prepare food, house work, send kids for tuitions, accompany kids to do homework.. will easily passed a day :) 

 Most of the time, the dealers are doing their business through friend introduction, I had never saw a dealer publish their service through newspaper, radio or television...

If you do not know any of the dealers personally, or your friends around you don't know either...  Frankly speaking, it is hard for you to locate them :)

The easiest way is, try to find the official website of tupperware in your country; then seek for their customer service phone number.

Give them a call, tell them that you are interested to buy Tupperware products, usually they will send you a dealer to keep in touch with you within a week, provided if there are any Tupperware dealers that cover their service in your area :)

You have no ideas on what is the Tupperware official website in your country? And there are no dealer is staying in where you live?

You can purchase from me too :) Just take a look in our Tupperware Store, may be you are interested in what we offer? 

If our store do not have what you are seeking for, feel free to contact me here, and describe to me what kind of products you are looking for, then I will quote for you :)

I do provide oversea shipping services and I send out the item via courier service; that most of my customers received their item within a week time after make payment.

And, I do provide free shipping insurance to my customers; if your item received is damaged, or item lost in transit, or the item you received is not what you ordered, I will issue full refund or send replacement, depend on your choice.

I do accept payment via paypal. Feel free to let me know if you need any help :)

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