Tupperware Crystalwave Review

Tupperware Crystalwave Soup Mug is one of my favorite Tupperware products :) However, this soup mug set had become a discontinued item in early year of 2017 :(

This soup mug set is come in set of 2, each mug is build in with a handle, allow you to grip the soup mug firmly even though it is infilled full with hot soup :)

The special of Tupperware Crystalwave Soup Mug..

Each container has dimension of 12 cm (Dia) x 7.5 cm (H).  

This soup mug set can put inside the microwave to reheat your favorite soup :) 

I love to use it to keep my favorite red bean soup, bring to my office, reheat and enjoy during lunch time :)

The soup mug bowl itself also act as a serving bowl, you can just reheat your favorite soup inside the microwave and enjoy it straight away without need to transfer your favorite soup to another bowl for consumption.

tupperware crystalwave soup mug set of 2Tupperware Crystalwave Soup Mug Set of 2

Plus, even when you just take it out from the microwave, you no need to use a wet cloth or microwave gloves to hold the handle.

You can grip the handle with your bare hand straight away :)

You can see that the front side of the soup mug is build in with a big tab, allow you to hold your soup mug firmly with 2 hands ( Helpful when your soup mug is fully filled with hot soup :)

Remember that this soup mug set is only can put into microwave for reheat purposes only, don't try to cook your maggie mee or cook your soup inside this soup mug set :P

You shall set your microwave to reheat not more than 3 minutes. And remember to open up the cap above before put the soup mug into your microwave, so that the heat generated from the soup can be released into the air... or else your soup mug will " Kaboom!! " inside your microwave :)

When you just take out the reheat soup from the microwave, even if you do not consume it straight away, you need to keep the vent cap open to release the heat.. 

Don't close the vent cap. If you do so - the whole soup mug lid may be run out of shape due to the heat inside the soup mug unable to released. 

This soup mug set is virtually liquid tight, it won't spill out after you closed up the seal. You can slipped it into your working bag without risk :) 

But, there is an indicator line at the soup mug container wall, right below the position after seal closed, make sure your soup level do not over the indication line to avoid spill out :)

There is a big tab on the soup mug seal for easy opening, make sure you do not overlap the seal tab area with the container projected tab area to avoid difficult to open the seal later on :)

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