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Tupperware is famous for its Tupperware Cookware products, that known as Tupperware Inspire cookware series. 

The inspire cookware series is consist of total 5 different cookware, that known as Inspire Stok Pot 7L, Inspire Wok 38 cm, Inspire Stok Pot 7L, Inspire Sauce Pan 2L and Inspire Fryer 26 cm. 

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What you can see from the picture above is the Tupperware Inspire Wok 38 cm. All Tupperware cookware set will be having the same feature, whereby the cover able to trap 99.99% of nutrition inside the cookware set itself if you are choosing to lock the valve.

As you know that most vitamin and nutrition in the food will be melt inside the liquid, and majority of the food nutrition will be gone when the liquid had turn into the water vapor.

But, when you chose the air lock in feature, the nutrition inside the water vapor will lock inside the cookware itself, and turn into your food sauces, that you can enjoy 100% of food nutrition inside the food sauces :)

What is so special about Tupperware Cookware set?

Tupperware wok cover is transparent, so you can see your food cooking condition without need to open the cover.

If you are a frequent cooker, I believe you understand that the wok shall not be open many times during the cooking process to avoid the lost of heat and affect your food cooking condition.

From the picture above, you can see that there is 2 picture printed beside the valve. If you are turning the valve facing up, all the water vapor will be locked within the wok.

If you chose not to trap the air inside the wok, you can turn the valve to right, and let the air flow out as normal cooking.

You only need to put a little bit of water if you are cooking via the lock valve cover method. The juices from the meat and vegetables will serve as your food sauces.

Besides, the handle of the Inspire cookware set is made of Bakelite material; that it will always remain cool when you touch it even though you are cooking. 

You won't get injured by touching handle while you are cooking, nor you need to use wet clothes to hold the handle like most cookware set in the market.

The Inspire cookware set only need minimal to medium fire cook, that it can distribute the heat evenly within the wok itself - allow you to cook your food evenly and at the same time, help you to save your cooking gas or electricity bills  

Besides, it can be use on electric stove, traditional stove, ceramic stove or induction stove :) 

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