One Touch Tupperware Containers Guide

One Touch Tupperware Containers is one of my favorite Tupperware products.

It is air tight containers that able to lock the freshness of your food, especially for the food that very particular on freshness, like cookies, biscuits, coffee powder, milk powder.

One Touch Tupperware Containers Setone touch tupperware containers

This is how is the Tupperware One Touch Containers Set look like :) There are various capacity of containers. The containers capacity range from 600 ml, 950 ml, 1.25 L, 2L and 3L.

What is so special about One Touch Tupperware Containers?

The shorter height of the container is called as topper one touch, that placed on the upper side. The lengthy height of the container is called as canister, that placed at the underneath.

They are stackable design to save your rack storage space.

When you do not used these one touch containers, you can stack different size containers together ( Insert smaller containers into bigger containers )

It only takes a little bit of your storage space. The seal need to keep separately from the containers when you do not use them.  

If you look at the center of the seal, there is 3 arrow marks. You just need to press the middle of the seal with your hand palm to close the seal. You need to hear a "click" sound to ensure the seal is lock.

After you close the seal, you shall check one round at the edge of the containers to ensure the seal is lock closely the container.

Picture above is an example of a seal loose. If the seal is loose, then your food can't stay fresh inside the container :(

This is how shall a "lock seal" look like :)

As you can see there is various size of one touch containers, some folks thinks that they shall only go for the largest containers - to save money, one containers fit all size !

But that is not the correct method. The key point to keep your food fresh is to keep no air or minimum air within the container. You shall own different capacity of the one touch containers. 

When the food keep inside the containers reduce, and there is air within the containers itself, then it is the time to switch your food to a smaller container that able to fill up the whole containers.

The air able to oxidize your food that make your food no longer crispy or lose taste; if you keep your coffee powder or milk powder in the one touch containers, it won't get harden :) 

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