Tupperware Consultants Guide

What is the different between a tupperware member and a tupperware consultants?

Some folks just love tupperware products, the reason they become tupperware member so that they are able to enjoy 25% discount saving over the retail price of tupperware products everytime when they make the purchase.

In fact, In Malaysia, tupperware carry Nutrimetics brand as well. So if you are a tupperware member, you can also buy Nutrimetics products by enjoy 25% member discount too.

Benefits of Tupperware Consultants..

Well, tupperware consultants not only able to enjoy all benefits of a tupperware member, they are also given a chance to sell tupperware products to earn some extra pockets money:) 

1. 25% Retail profit

They able to get 25% member discount when they make purchase from the tupperware center.  

They can sell the products in retail price to their customers. 

The monthly tupperware catalog will show the latest tupperware products promotion with retail price.

A consultant will usually show the tupperware catalog to their customers.

When their customer place order, the consultant will buy the Tupperware products from the tupperware center and deliver to their customer hands.

one of the proud tupperware consultants :)One of the proud tupperware consultants :)

2. Override Commission 

In malaysia, tupperware business is a network marketing business.

Basically Tupperware business builder can recruit a new Tupperware member as their downline. 

Whenever their downline member make a tupperware purchase in any Tupperware center, the consultant will able to earn override commission that up to 3%, up to 3 generation.

For example, if you are a tupperware business builder, you recruit A, A recruit B, B recruit C., no matter A, B or C make purchase of tupperware products, you will able to earn up to 3% of the override commission.

However,  a tupperware business builder will need to fulfill 2 criteria in order to enjoy override commission from their Tupperware downline purchase.

First, the consultant will need to have at least RM 500 retail sales in his / her own account.

Secondly, He / she need to have at least 2 member as their downline. ( and in fact, if a consultant success to recruit 2 downline in her organization, her title will be promoted as "Senior Tupperware Consultant"

So basically, there are 2 methods for the tupperware seller to make huge profit; either she sell a lot of tupperware by herself to make high retail sales profit ( active income ), or she recruit a lot of tupperware downline, that the tupperware downlines make purchase themselves in the tupperware center nearby. ( passive income )    

Which one is better income? I will vote for passive income for long run, as passive income is expandable and accumulated.

As more tupperware downline will recruited under her organization if time goes on ; her passive income can be continue increasing, where by active income will be restricted by the time - maximum 24 hour a day, hard to increase when she used up all of her available time )

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