Tupperware Commuter Mug Guide

Tupperware had released Tupperware Commuter Mug in 2014 as its limited released product.

The commuter mug released in package set of 2, one in blue color, the other one is pink color :)

Obviously you can see that this Commuter package set is focus their target market on couple customers, the blue color set is for the gentleman and the pink color set is for the lady :)

Commuter Mug able to keep your hot drinks warm and cold drink cold inside the mug up to few hours.

It is ideal to keep for hot drinks like hot chocolate, coffee, green tea, hot tea or even hot milk to bring for outing enjoyment, such as picnic, shopping or even travel to country in cold climates.

What so special about this Tupperware Commuter Mug?

You know how precious is a sip of hot chocolate when you stand on a cold wind blowing street :) Each Commuter mug is having capacity of 390ml, is about 1 and a half cup size for your favorite drinks :)

tupperware commuter mug set of 2

The design of the commuter mug is come into handy, easily grip by one hand, and can slip into your hand bag and you are good to go :) You won't feel heavy burden even you carry it along for your whole day shopping :)

commuter mug opening

From the picture beside, you can see that it is easy to open by gently press on the back side of the opening tab.

And you can see the open slot of the commuter mug is wide, to ensure a smooth flow of drinks from your commuter mug.

Before i forget, the commuter mug cap is screw into the body, that it can be screw in very tight, spill proof :)

You no need to worry about that your hand bag will bath with your favorite hot chocolate while shopping :P

Besides, the design of this commuter cup allow you to fit into most of the car cup holder, that you can steal some time to enjoy your favorite drinks when you are on the way to office or meeting with client :)

Aha, have I ever mentioned to you that this commuter mug help you to save your hard earn money from coffee house by carrying your own home make favorite coffee around :)

commuter mug base indication

If you flip this Tupperware commuter mug upside down, you can see that at the bottom of the mug it build in with an anti-slip base, to ensure your mug will remain stable and won't slip easily when you put in on a table :)

You can also read the capacity of this mug set, and it is not microwave safe from the bottom of the mug set itself.

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