Tupperware Chef Series

Tupperware had release some great Tupperware Chef range products that I like to share with you here :) 

Chef Series products is not storage container base, but more on tools for kitchen preparation purposes. Let's take a look :)

Tupperware Chef Mando

Mando Chef is a very handy helper that allow you to cut your favorite dishes into special design ( that these cutting jobs only can be done by experienced chef )

It comes with a cap, that use to hold the food you like to cut.

Inside of the cap itself is come few sharp metal rod, which will insert into your food when you press the cap on top of your food ( You can refer to picture below )

Then, you just need to hold the cap and put on to Tupperware chef Mando for the cutting jobs ( Totally avoid of gets your finger cut during the cutting process.  I had asked my husband to buy 1 set for me even it is not cheap :) 

This mando chef itself is coming with 2 blades, you can switch among these 2 blades to perform different types of cutting.

There is also a lock near the side of the mando chef, that you need to adjust the lock accordingly to the manual in order to get the cutting design you like to have :)

tupperware chef mando

One good point about this mando chef is that it is very emphasized on the users safety. You can set the lock to become "lock mode" that all blades will be hidden, that you can't hurt yourself even though you touch the cutting surface with your own hand after it set in " lock mode"

This Tupperware chef Mando set also coming with and indication pad, you just need to put this indication pad underneath the mando chef, it is giving simple and easy to follow instruction on how to perform different types of cutting method, without need you to memorize by yourself.

tupperware chef cap

And of course, blade is still blade. The mando chef blade is very sharp, you may still get yourself injured if you are using this "machine" by just ignoring its user intruction.. Do not take it easily :)

Now, sit relax, and ready to enjoy the magic show below on what mando chef can do it for you :)

Oh, before I forget, please note that the blades that integrated into the mando chef itself is quite " tight" for safety purpose. You need to required high strength to pull out the blades from the mando chef during replacement.

The correct method to pull out the blade from the mando chef - First, put the mando chef on a table, position the mando chef close to yourself.

Then, put index finger on both of your hand on both side tab of the blade, then pull it up. Your finger may encounter a bit pain due to pulling too hard ( Becareful do not over strength to avoid the whole blade jump fly due to over pulling )

Even though the video above look very "high tech" on the setting to cut different size and shape of dishes, but it is very simple to follow guide on the indication pad itself to get how to do different cutting :)

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