Tupperware Cereal Dispenser Review

Tupperware Cereal Dispenser 2.5 L is a limited production Tupperware products that launched by Tupperware Malaysia in June 2017. In fact, it is also name as Multi Dispenser.

Why? Other than cereal, it is ideal for serve multiple source of food, from coco crunch, cookies, biscuits, spaghetti, candy, chocolates, peanuts... the list can go on and on :) 

The size of this cereal dispenser is 19.9 cm (L) x 11.5 cm (W) x 22.8 cm (H), 2.5 L 

The benefits of Tupperware Cereal Dispenser..

The dispenser itself is clear design, that you can look through the container to identify type of food and level of food easily without need to open the container seal.

The container in oval shape design allow you to hold the container with single hand easily and serve cereal with no hassle :)

The pour out cap of the dispenser is designed with a projected tab, that you can open the cap easily by just pulling up the projected tab on the cap.

To close, you just need to use your palm to press down the cap. The Tupperware cereal dispenser itself is virtually air tight, that you can keep your favorite food fresh and crispy in the container for long period of time.

If you want to fill the food into the cereal dispenser, you can just turn the Cereal dispenser upside down, let the bottom base to face on top.

Tupperware Cereal DispenserCereal Dispenser Side View

You just need to pull out the base cap, with the big opening, you can fill up the dispenser to maximum level within 10 seconds ! :)

After you had fill your food, just closed back the base cap, turn it back and your Cereal Dispenser is ready to serve ! 

tupperware cereal dispenser front viewCereal Dispenser Front View

In fact, from the Cereal Dispenser big serving opening, you can serve your favorite cereal from the dispenser easily within few seconds ! :)

This container also easy to clean by just opened up the serving cap and the base cap, that you can wash through the whole container.

As you know, Tupperware plastic is made of food grade material, BPA free and toxic free, that you can ensure that your food store inside the Tupperware Cereal Dispenser is safe to consume at all time :)

The elegant design of the dispenser itself also look modern, it can help to spice up your dining table outlook , that contribute as part of your house interior design decoration items :) 

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