Tupperware Cereal Keeper Review

Tupperware cereal keeper not only can keep for your cereal, you can also use it to keep for oats, coco crunch, chocolates, corn flakes or even small cookies.

In fact, the body container of the cereal keeper is using modular mates technology; that it is air tight - to lock your food freshness for very long time :)

You can see that the 2 side of the container wall is build in with clear window, for you to see the food content level easily; without need to open up the lids :)

Why use Tupperware Cereal Keeper?

The other 2 side of the container wall is build in with frosted surface, to protect your food exposed to direct sunlight, to ensure that your food can remain fresh and crispy inside your cereal keeper :)

You can hold the container easily with single hand, and the lid opening is wide enough to ensure you can pour out the cereal fast and smooth :)

This container itself have high capacity that allow you to store your favorite cereal that up to 4.8 L. You can buy big pack of cereal and store them here :)

No longer need to worry where to keep your cereal !

You do the maths, buying bigger pack of cereal will save you more money compare to the smaller pack :)

tupperware cereal keeperThis Tupperware cereal keeper design elegant and modern :)

And you know, if you keep the cereal inside its original packaging after open it, it will get moisturized and lost its freshness very fast :)

the black tupperware cereal keeperThe black Tupperware Cereal keeper

When you try to open the lid of the cereal keeper, try to open up the 4 corner of the lid, one at a time. Click here to check how to open and close different tupperware lid correctly :)

Remember that after you wash the container and think of wanna put another type of food inside the same container, better keep the base and seal separately for few days before you pour in you new food.

This exercise is to wait the smell of the previous food content to be "disappeared"; to avoid your food to have "how come my chocolate smell like cereal ?" problem :)

For this product, the most spare part that encounter defects and need for Tupperware lifetime warranty replacement is the cap. Usually is either the tab that attach to the cap broken, or the connection part between the lid and the cap broken.

So, when open up the cap, try to open gently, do not need high strength to open the cap even it is air tight :)

Please bring along whole set of your cereal keeper along, lid, base, cap when you want to do replacement... to test in the tupperware center on the spot to ensure that the replaced spare part is fit into your container perfectly.. to avoid trouble of double visit the tupperware center for replaced spare part that not fit :)  

If you wish to buy a set of Tupperware Cereal keeper for yourself, you can find out more information here

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