Tupperware Cereal Bowls Guide

Tupperware Cereal Bowls set is a classic bowl design set that loves by a lot of Tupperware supporters :) 

The bowls set itself is come in set of 4, each bowl is come with a lid. The capacity of each bowl is about 500 ml. The lid for the bowl is come with a big tab, allow you to open the lid easily without any hassle :)

The bowl set itself is stackable; when you not in use of this bowl set, remember to store your bowl lids and the bowl base separately to save your cabinet storage space :)

The lid of the bowl itself is raised up, allow you to stack the bowls on top of each others to save your storage space when all your bowls are infilled with food, avoid the bowl above to be slipped off easily.

This cereal bowl set is designed to be microwave reheatable, you can reheat your cereal within this bowl set in the microwave. Please note that you can only use it to reheat your food, do not try to cook your food within the bowl set inside microwave.

tupperware cereal bowls set

What is so good about Tupperware Cereal Bowls?

You shall put it inside microwave maximum for about 1 to 2 minutes. Remember to remove the lid before put the bowl into your microwave; do not put on the cover before insert into your microwave, or else your favorite cereal bowl set might be run out of shape inside the microwave :(

Here is another Limited Edition color of Tupperware Cereal bowl set :)

In fact, it is not only can be use to serve your cereal, you can let your kids to have their meal with this bowl set, without need to worry that they will break it easily by dropped it accidentally to the floor :)

It can be also serve as lunch box to bring food to office, school or even picnic :) The seal of this bowl set is virtually liquid tight, you can keep food with sauces inside it, such as curry chicken, black pepper lamb or soup.

If you had used liquid tight tupperware container before, you know that the seal of the container is very tight, to serve it liquid tight ability.

A lot of customers do not understand it, and thought that the seal is much "smaller" than the bowl base, and thought of the lid is produced wrongly :)

To open the seal, it is quite straight forward, just need to pull up the big tab on the seal. To close, try to follow on how to close the Tupperware Seal correctly here so you don't have pressure to close the seal :)

Since the bowl set itself is coming with a lid, you can treat it as a food serving container too, to keep the tidbits, chocolates, cakes or fruits to serve your guest.

If you wish to buy Tupperware Cereal bowls, can find out more information here.

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