Tupperware Catalog Party Review

Have you ever heard of Tupperware Catalog Party? It is a bit difference from ordinary Tupperware Party. Usually, the tupperware consultant will gift the hostess some Tupperware catalogs to distribute to her friends without any charges :)

The tupperware consultant will ask the hostess how many tupperware catalog does she need, the hostess will be given an order form to write down the name and the phone number of her friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors or anyone she is familiar with :)

How Tupperware Catalog Party Works?

By gifting away the free tupperware catalog, the tupperware consultant is actually grab the contact number of hostess friends and increase her own business network :)

When the hostess received the free Tupperware catalog from her Tupperware consultant, she will need to take initiative to distribute these tupperware catalogs to her friends, relatives, neighbor that she stated name and contact in the order form.

Then, the hostess will need to take order and collect payment from these people directly after they had read the Tupperware catalog - not really just from tupperware catalog itself, sometime is attach with tupperware special promotion flyers too :) 

traditional tupperware catalog party

Then, the hostess will chose one day to meet up the tupperware consultant and pass all the tupperware orders and money to her; and the consultant will hand over the ordered Tupperware products to the hostess; then the hostess will distribute the tupperware products to her paid customers.

So, in this exercise, the tupperware consultant will able to earn sales and commission with help of the hostess :)

What will the hostess get in return? The hostess will get a free Tupperware from the tupperware consultant as a token of appreciation.

In fact, the hostess can write in a wishlist to chose what free tupperware product she want to earn in the latest promotion catalog before she start doing this catalog party promotion works to her people :)

And the tupperware consultant will tell the hostess in advance how many sales she need to collect for the tupperware consultant in order to get the free tupperware that the hostess chose :)

On top of that, if the hostess able to achieve certain sales target, she allow to buy tupperware products she wish to have in special discount price , or even allow to buy the product in half price !

Of course, if the hostess able to achieve higher sales target, she will be enjoying heavier discount and allow to buy more products in 50% off ! 

What is the benefits of Tupperware Catalog Party compare to traditional home party? 

First, the tupperware consultant save her time from hosting a traditional Tupperware home party , basically the hostess is doing the works for her :) 

Some hostess might not have a suitable space in her house to host a tupperware party, but she still manage to earn free Tupperware from this program :)

Sometimes it is hard for hostess to get all guests to meet up together at the same time for home party, but now hostess able to meet individual friends in different session, and close the sales :)

Is there any disadvantages on Tupperware Catalog Party then?

I think that hostess may not so "professional" compare to experienced Tupperware consultant when come to closing sales in traditional Tupperware party. 

But who knows? Some folks just born with the talents to close sales :) 

Besides, Tupperware products perform extraordinary well in demo. Since this catalog party only present the products to the prospects in "paper form", not real live product that can see, touch , test use by the prospects themselves.. then it might pull down the sales closing rate / closing volume. 

Just my 2 cents comments :)

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