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There are many entrepreneurs take Tupperware business as their Tupperware Careers.

Tupperware products is well known for its high quality and make customers feel relief and feel protected from their product Lifetime warranty. 

How to start your Tupperware Careers?

In Malaysia, you can join to become a Tupperware member by just paying seventy eight dollars to kick start of your Tupperware Careers. 

You will be giving a package of tupperware products that consist of 2 sets of freezermate II 650ml and 1 set of one touch canister container 1.25 L, together with the member bag.

I have to say, the package gift that come together with your member sign up is very worthy !

The freezermate II 650 ml container is perfect to store your freezing raw meat such as prawn, medium portion of fish, chicken or beef.

By putting raw meat inside the freezermate containers, it can freeze inside the fridge very fast, and defrost very fast as well when you take it out :)

( It will be definitely be one of your favorite containers if you are the one that in-charge of your household pantry :P )  

And Tupperware one touch 1.25 L, another great air tight container that lock your food freshness for long period of time:) - Especially for those kind of food that lost its crispy or freshness within few days, such as coffee powder, milk powder, cookies or biscuits !

Tupperware careers
Tupperware careers kit bagThis is the tupperware careers kit bag you received after you joined member :)

And don't forget the tupperware kit bag, it attach with a zip at the center of the bag itself, allow you to expand it's storage space when necessary :)

I am using this bag as my daughter tuition bag, since it is durable even though after put in a lot of heavy stuffs inside :P

With the Tupperware logo printed outside of the bag, my daughter is so proud to carry it around and show to her friends :) 

Sometimes Tupperware company will launched special recruiting events to their business builder that serious in their Tupperware Careers.

At that time, you may entitled to get another special set of Tupperware products by paying the same sign up cost for your Tupperware membership :)

Yeah, it is more value worth for your money, but the only question is that you do not know when Tupperware will launched these kind of special events.

As what I know now, since May 2017, they are giving a set of extra tupperware products upon your signed up of membership, provided you are giving them your email address upon sign up.

And you can access to your Tupperware Consultant Login Page after you become a Tupperware member :)

After you signed up as a member, within one or two days, you will received an sms to your mobile phone that registered with your Tupperware membership. That sms will give you a special code with a html link. 

You will need to click that link that lead to tupperware website, and enter the special code that assigned in your sms, then they will need you to key in your email address, and chose which tupperware center you prefer to claim your free Tupperware gift.

Guess what? You will received an verification email that you need to click the "verify now" button. After you verified, they will send you another email with the redemption code and redemption period stated ( Usually within a month time )

After the redemption period arrived, you will just need to print screen the email that shown the redemption code, and present to the tupperware center staff that you chose, and you will be able to claim one set of extra tupperware gift that worth around 40 dollars from the tupperware center ! 

After Tupperware had verify your email, they will send their latest Tupperware promotion to your email from time to time to keep you updated :)

Well, overall I will say that Tupperware membership is worth to join since after you pay the Tupperware membership, you are getting back the Tupperware products that even higher value than what you are paying for - you had nothing to lose !

Further more, after you joined the tupperware membership, you can enjoy the Tupperware member discount that up to 25%, and you can immediately become a Tupperware dealer to start your tupperware careers straight away !

You can check it out here on the benefit to become a Tupperware Consultant !

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