Tupperware Canisters Tips

Tupperware Canisters is a very common product range that use to store large volume of food in air tight condition. The canisters are usually in round shape.

Tupperware had launched different capacity of canisters to suit for different capacity needs. I will recommend you to keep the small canister inside the bigger canister while not in use to save your storage space.

And, try to keep the seal separately from the canister base when not in use, do not close the seal on top of your canister. If you are doing so, it will bring odor smell into your canister base if you open it very long time later.

You can see the Canisters that hold by the cute little princess above, is know as Tupperware Canister 10L , it is ideal to store big volume of food, such as prawn cracker, rice, cookies or you can use it to store for drinking water - to ensure your family drinking water is still remain sustainable for quite some time even though the water supply was temporary down :)

As you know, Tupperware products is made of food safe material, you can keep your drinking water inside this 10L canisters for long time and no need to worry it to pollute your water :)

What is so special about Tupperware Canisters?

High capacity is one of the best feature that favor by most of the canister lovers :) You no longer need to seek high and low for lot of of containers to keep your high volume of food :)

Besides, it is stackable on top of each other to save your storage space after you had infill the content. And, it is also famous for its air tight and liquid tight ability to keep your food fresh for long period of time :)

You can keep your powder kind of food, such as coffee powder, milk powder, curry powder or flour inside your canisters. It will remain fresh and will not get harden; just happened like when you keep in normal containers :)

When you want to close your Tupperware Canister seal, it will take a little bit of technique since the container is very big :)

Try to put the canister base on a flat surface level that similar to your standing waist level ( preferably table ); do not put the canister base at too high level or else it is difficult for you to close the seal with sufficient strength.

Then, put the seal on top the canister, then press the lid edge into the canister base edge bit by bit until you ensure the lid had fit into your canister base perfectly.

After you do so, you may find out that the lid surface look like a bit "swollen", it is due to the air trap inside the canister. What you can do is to open up one side of the seal edge a bit, then press the middle of the lid with another hand palm, to let the excess air out, then close the seal back.

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