Tupperware Can Opener Guide

Tupperware can opener is an amazing kitchen helper that give you a wow effect !

Tupperware can opener setTupperware Can Opener Set

This is how is the tupperware can opener look like :) The design look elegant and nice, right ? 

One important tip when using your can opener - remember hold it properly and do not drop it to the floor. The wheel gear might get run out of position and not able to function well anymore! if it get hit on the floor badly.

Picture above show the wheel gear position. You will need to place the edge of the can as where I highlight in the picture above ( between the wheel gear and the round metal wheel.

What is so special about Tupperware Can Opener? 

This can opener allow you to open various size of can, regardless big size can or small size can. I use a small sardin can above as an example.

First you need to open up the can opener handle like a scissor, and place any part of the can edge between the round metal and wheel gear of the can opener ( As shown in picture above )

Then close the 2 handles into one. To check whether your can opener has a firm grip on your can edge, just raise up the can with your can opener - it shall be able to grip the can as show in the picture above.

What is so special about Tupperware Can Opener?

Now, grip the handle with your left hand, then use your right hand to turn the can opener knob in clockwise direction. When you are turning on the knob, the can will move accordingly.

You won't feel there is any resistance when turning the knob, you can just turn the knob relax like turning your car key :) You won't believe that you are actually opening a can :)

Just observe the can had turn one round while you are turning the can opener knob, then stop and remove can opener from the can.

As I say, you don't think that you had already open a can in so easily :) 

Now, to open up the cover of the can, you need to place the front edge of the can opener on to the can edge. ( Where the arrow pointing in the picture above)

Just open up both of the can opener handle, place the can opener front edge to slot in the can edge.   

Then close the handle as show in picture above. Now, place your left hand to hold the can to sit on the table steadily, then use your right hand to pull up the can opener cover. Pop !  

Now you see, the can opener cover had been removed from the can :) You can see that the cover edge is very even, flat and smooth. You will not get yourself injured by touching the can cover or can body :)

Plus, throughout the whole can opening process, your can opener do not get in touch with the can food directly. It is clean and hygiene, and you no need to wash your can opener after using it :) 

Then, you can close back the can cover as a fit cover if you unable to finish your can food at one time :) 

You can see that the can cover can fit perfectly on its can after open it, just like original produced can cover :)

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