Tupperware Bread Recipe

Today I like to share with you a simple Tupperware Bread Recipe :) You can made your healthy bread ( without oil and sugar ) within 5 minutes :)

Tupperware Bread Recipe Ingredients:

1. a set of Tupperware Fix and Mix Bowl 4.3 L

2. 18g of yeast ( can buy in bakery shop or most supermarket )

3. 18g of salt.

4. warm water about 800 ml.

5. Plain flour 900 g.

Tupperware Bread Recipe Steps: 

1. Mix the yeast with salt into a cup , just stir a bit with chopstick or spoon to become mixture.

2. Pour all the plain flour into the Tupperware Fix N Mix bowl, then pour in the mixture of the yeast and salt from step 1 into it. You can stir the mixture for about 2 minutes with your cooking ladle.

3. Close the Tupperware seal, let the yeast to ferment for about 2 hours in room temperature, then put inside the fridge for 3 hours ( intermediate section, no need to put into freezer section ), then the dough can be used :)

4.  You can used the dough within 2 weeks time. When you want to use the dough, take it out from the fridge and let it be in room temperature for about 40 minutes to 1 hour.

tupperware bread recipe end product.Tasty Bread :)

5. Then you can apply some corn flour on top of the dough surface, apply few light cuts with your knife on top of the dough.

6. Set your oven to 230 Celsius heat, put in the dough into the oven for about 25 minutes and your bread is ready to serve :) 

What so special about this Tupperware bread recipe? 

1. you no need to kneading the dough ( suitable for lazy folks like me :P )

2. You dough can be freeze in fridge and consume within 2 weeks time :)

3. Do not require special skills to make the bread look very nice, suitable for newbie, busy folks and lazy folks  :)

There are some special tips here that required your attention :)

1.  the warm water temperature shall only a bit higher than our body temperature, say about 37 degree - 39 degree. Do not use high temperature water that the yeast will get killed inside the high temperature water.

2. If the water temperature too low, the yeast not active enough, then it will require longer time to ferment.

3. The water quantity required might be more or less than my suggestion above, as different brand of flour may need to absorb more or less water. You can experience few times yourself to get the clue :)

4. When you chose container to put in the dough for ferment, better chose bigger container to have sufficient space for the dough to expand, i am using the Tupperware Fix N Mix Bowl 4.3 L 

Tupperware Fix N Mix BowlThis is the Tupperware Fix N Mix bowl :)

5. The seal is just put on top of the container, no need to press the seal into container edge while your dough is fermenting.

6. Only cut out the right portion of dough with your knife that you intend to make your healthy bread, the rest of the dough can remain inside the fridge for future consumption.

7. When you take out the dough from the fridge, it will be a bit sticky; you can pour some flour over the dough for you to handle it easily. 

8. Practice make perfect ! Give it a try then you know how easy is it :)

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