Tupperware Brand Water Bottle Guide

Tupperware brand water bottle is the top choice for a lot of people when they are seeking their drinking bottle. What is the selling points of Tupperware tumbler?

Basically, all tupperware drinking bottles are BPA free and toxic free, that you can infill drinks into the tumbler and safe to drink even if you keep it inside the car or exposed under hot sun.

You no need to replace Tupperware bottle after use it for few years. A lot of folks worry that their drinking bottle will release toxic after using for some time, and volunteer to replace their drinking bottle from time to time - some changed within few months, some will replace drinking bottle annually.   

Tupperware bottles no need to be replaced after using for some times. You can use it for long term, as long as you handle it with care and don't break it :)

In fact, different model of Tupperware bottle will be having different features :)

What is so special about Tupperware Brand Water bottle?

This is one of the New Tupperware Brand Water bottle Set, that name as Yellow Neon Eco Bottle Set of 3. The capacity of the bottles are 750 ml flip top, 500 ml screw cap and 310 ml flip top.

The color of the eco bottle itself is very sharp and eyeball catching; you can't ignore them when you see them :)

The curve in design in the middle of the tumbler body allow you to have a firm grip :) 

As you can see, the 750 ml eco bottle and 310 ml eco bottle cap is flip top cover, and the 500 ml eco bottle cover is screw cap.

Screw cap will have more liquid tight feature, that you can place screw cap bottle into luggage without need to worry it will accidentally open. The flip top cover type water bottle not encourage to put into luggage or bag, as it might be accidentally open and spill all the water out when it get hooked by objects inside the bags or luggage.

But, flip top cover cap is very suitable to put inside your car, that you can easily open the cover and enjoy your drinks when you are having a short stop in front of traffic light - flip open and cap back take you less than 5 seconds :)

Of course, if you prefer bigger drinking sprout while enjoying your drink, you can turn up the flip top cover like the screw cap.

As you can see from the picture above, the distance between the outer cap line outside of the drinking sprout is very big, allow you to clean your drinking sprout easily.

And the interesting part is, the 500 ml eco bottle and 310 ml eco bottle can switch the screw cap or flip top cap among each other, depend on your preference :) ( 500 ml eco bottle and 310 ml eco bottle have the same size of drinking sprout diameter )

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