Tupperware Bowls Guide

There are many models of Tupperware bowls had been introduced by Tupperware.

Some of the famous models include the Microwave Blossom Bowl Set.

The Blossom series Microwave bowl can keep your food and put inside the microwave for reheat purposes, and serve to your guest directly - easy and convenience :)

The benefits of the Blossom Tupperware Bowls Set

The textured surface of the bowl itself is anti scratch design, it wont get hurt easily by your metal spoon or metal fork while your are enjoying your food :)

The size of the bowl itself is about 15.7 cm (Dia) x 5.2 cm (H). Each bowl will have capacity up to 600 ml.  You can stack the bowl together when not in use to save your cabinet storage space :)

Actually, you shall also own this Tupperware Microwave Plate Set as this Bowls and Plates are match color together in one set.

Blossom Tupperware Bowls Set

Tupperware Blossom Bowl 600 ml  (Set of 4) -  $19.80 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

This is another set of Purple Blossom Bowls Set of 4, have the exact same benefits and features as the regular blossom Green bowl set as above; but this is a set of Limited Edition Tupperware bowls that no longer produced in the market :(

I myself only own 4 pieces of this bowl.. Not say I don't want to buy, but it went out of stocks very fast once it released.. There are so many purple color fans like me I guess :)

Tupperware Bunga Telur Bowl Set of 8

This is another Limited Edition Tupperware Bowl set, that name as Bunga Telur Set. Bunga Telur is a Malay word, means "Egg Flower". Why this bowl set given such a name?

Actually, I have no idea as well.. May be its colorful and ergonomic design of this bowls set make it suitable as precious gift set to your loves one :)

As according to Malay tradition, " Bunga Telur " is combined of beautiful flower that decorated with egg, prepared by the bride and groom, as a precious gift to thanks the attendees for attending the wedding ceremony.

The precious Tupperware Bunga Telur Bowl Set of 8The precious Tupperware Bunga Telur Bowl Set of 8

There are 8 bowls in this set, and build from 4 colors, which is Purple, Red, Orange and Margarita Color. Each of the bowl size is about 5.5 cm (H) x 9.5 cm (Dia), 250 ml.

As you can see, you can stack the containers one on each other to save your storage space. The projected edge around the lids can help to increase the stability, that your containers stack on top won't easy slipped off :)

Not only beautiful, this bowl set can keep your favorite food; that you can bring it out to enjoy with your friends or serve you guests in your home :)

In fact, this bowl set not only can keep food, it has liquid tight feature that can keep for liquid such as chicken soup, porridge or your favorite sauces.. curry chicken or black pepper sauces.

Tupperware Bunga Telur Bowl Set 250ml (Set of 8) -  $24.50 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

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