Tupperware Bowl Guide

This is a set of Tupperware Bowl, that known as Tupperware Royal Red Bowl 700 ml ( Set of 4 )

The bowl size is about 16.5 cm (L) x 16.5 cm (W) x 6.5 cm (H), 700 ml. If you see probably, the bowl shape is not round, but it is in square shape, allow you to hold it easily with no problem at all :)

What is so special about Tupperware Bowl?

This Limited Edition Royal Red Tupperware Bowl set is specially launched for Malaysia Hari Raya festival that will be held on June 2018. 

The red color of the bowl set is a bit dull, that make the whole design of the bowl set look noble, that you can use it to serve your guest or your family members during grand festivals or gathering.

You can stack the bowls one after another to save your cabinet storage space when you are no in need of them. The height of the bowl is up to 6.5 cm; you can keep sufficient food inside the bowl for you to enjoy.  

You can use the bowl to serve variety of your favorite food, mee, mee hoon, spaghetti, fried rice, rice.. soup, red bean soup, or you can even use it as dish serving bowl like serving meat, vegetables, curry chicken up for 2 pax consumption.

I myself personally like this color, as I myself prefer natural and plain color, not too keen on sharp color :)

You might not aware that this bowl set you can put it inside the microwave for reheat your food before serve to your guest - that you can save a lot of time from transferring your food to ceramic bowl to reheat in microwave, and end up you have more washing job to do :)

If you look inside the bowl itself, you can clean up stubborn dirts easily with wet cloth as all angle inside the bowl is easy to access. 

You can also scoop the last scoop of food easily from your bowl, regardless you drink red bean soup or enjoying your porridge :) 

In fact, Tupperware not just only launch this Limited Edition Tupperware Royal Red Bowl Set of 4, but they are also launch the Royal Red Dining Plates 390 ml ( Set of 4 )

This Tupperware Royal Red Dining Plates ( Set of 4), size is about 25.6 cm (L) x 25.6 cm (W) x 2.8 cm (H), 390 ml

Again, this Dining plate set is also can be put in microwave for reheat purposes :)

This plate is known as deep plate, that you can use it to serve food with food sauces, such as jawa mee, curry noodles and etc.

If you are go for Tupperware Royal Red Bowls, make sure that you are going for this Tupperware Royal Red Dining Plates too :)

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