Tupperware Bottle Guide

Tupperware bottle is highly wanted products by lot of customers.

Due to its BPA free and non toxic characteristic, your can keep your Tupperware drinking bottle inside your car, under the hot sun, you still can drink the water with no problems :)

As tupperware plastic won't released any toxic into your drinks regardless under hot sun or cold temperature :)

This is the Tupperware Eco Bottle 500ml set.

In fact, the picture above are showing 2 sets of eco bottle.

Pink and green is one set, orange and blue is another set.

This model of eco bottle is designed to have screw cap, to ensure that there is no spillage at all !

If your water bottle was found to be leaking, you can send for the Tupperware replacement.

What to keep with Tupperware bottle?

The size of the 500ml eco bottle is about 6  cm height x 13 cm diameter. This is an ideal size that can slipped into your hand bag easily while you are shopping or have a date for movie.

It is just nice to keep you hydrated without burden you a lot while you carrying it around. You can infill with some tasty drinks like, honey, soya beans, honey lime or lemon juices or even bird nest drinks, and store in your fridge.

Just grab it and you are good to go when you going to walk under the hot sun :) 

Tupperware Eco Bottle 500ml Set  (Set of 4) -  $26.00 including free shipping to United States.


Buyer FAQ 

By the way, you can check what is so special about Tupperware Eco bottle series here.

Here is another set of Kids Eco bottle set, that known as frog and penguin set. The capacity of each bottle is 350 ml. This capacity is sufficient to keep your kids away from thirsty without burden his little hand a lot while drinking. 

The design is cute, a green frog with a purple penguin :) 

The cover of the bottle is designed to be flip top, so that your kids can open the cap easily for drink. And, the drinking sprout is designed to be convenience to suit a kid mouth :)

The bottle size also designed to be easily grab by a kid little hand. You can use it to keep your kids favorite drinks, milks, or even chocolates or candy :)

This is another set of Tupperware bottle design for kids, green dinosaur with orange bear, look cute ya? :)

This set of Dino and bear Kid eco bottle sets also having capacity of 350 ml too :)

Tupperware Bear and Dino Kid Eco bottle 350ml Set  (Set of 2) -  $17.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

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