Tupperware Access Mates Guide

Tupperware access mates also known as Garlic N All Keeper or Onion Keeper.

It is a very good products that help you to store your dry food that need to breathe, such as onion, potatoes, ginger or garlic :)

There are many different models of access mates had be introduced by Tupperware :)

It is famous for its stackable design to keep your pantry tidy :)

You can check the benefits of Tupperware Access Mates here :)

When you want to clean your onion keeper thoroughly, you can actually divide the lids and the seal for detail cleaning purposes.

It look exactly like the picture above after the seal and cap get divided :)

To divide the seal and lid easily, you can insert both of your thumb into the connection part between the black seal and the red lids ( refer to picture below )

Tupperware access mates seal and lidTupperware Access Mates seal and lid

Tupperware Access Mates Tips

remove access mate lids from it sealput your both thumb between seal and lid and push up
when you fit back the seal on the lid, just press the red lid "projected dot" area so that it will slot in and lock on the black seal.
lids and seal get seperated :)Tada ! It get separated :)
the seal suppose to look like this after fit in all projected dot :)

How to open and close the access mate seal correctly?

wrong method to pull access mate sealwrong method to open access mate seal :(

A lot of people is always open the onion keeper seal with the method showed in picture above, pull on the tab and pull up the seal.  What is the problem ? You will cause your seal to be crack easily in long term due to "over twisted" the seal.

Does this crack defect entitled for Tupperware lifetime warranty replacement? Yes it is :) But you do not get a new extra lid by do replacement..

You are wasting your time and effort visit to tupperware center and get back the same seal.. why not learn how to open it correctly so that the lid won't get damaged easily :)

Save your time and effort for something else :P

How to open the lid correctly?

Step 1 - pull up the right top angle with tab
step 2 - pull up the left top corner
step 3 - pull up the 3rd corner at the opposite site of the onion keeper :)

And step 4-  just pull up the last corner of the seal to remove the seal easily :)

With this method of open seal, your seal won't get over twisted and able to last for very long time  :)

How to close the Tupperware Access Mates seal correctly? 

Step 1 - after put the seal on top of the container, use 2 thumb to press in along the edge of the container from top ( right thumb clockwise direction, left thumb anti-clockwise direction )
step 2 - press along to the edge with your both thumb ( continue from top to middle )
step 3 - continue from middle to downward..
step 4 - both thumb meet at the front edge of the onion keeper :)
step 5 - now make sure that both side of the seal projected lock had been locked into the container edge completely
step 6 - make sure that the lids had fit into the onion keeper edge completely ( refer to arrow pointing area )
step 7 - to ensure that the front lid and lock on the container edge perfectly ( refer to the arrow point zone )

How to open and close the front lid?

There are also folks to complain that the front lid is quite hard to close. ( The lid will be keep on loose and "auto" flip up again even though had close it.

Actually, the correct method to open the red lid is just pull up the tab in the middle of the seal.

And to close, you just need to use both thumb to press in 2 side of the front red seal together, until you hear a sound "click", then it is locked :)

open front lid :)
close front lid :)

Tupperware Access Mate 3L  (Set of 1) -  $31.00 including free shipping to United States.


Buyer FAQ 

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