Super Chef Tupperware Guide

Super Chef Tupperware is also known as Mando Chef. It can help you to chop your food easily like a professional chef :) If you wish to learn some basic tips on Tupperware Mando Chef over here

When you first open up your Mando chef packaging box, you shall received the mando chef set itself, come with 2 blades in different design, a cap and also a piece of indication pad as picture above. 

First, please make sure you keep the indication pad in safe place.

It is a very helpful guide that save yourself from memorize all the different cutting method for different shape of food.

The indication pad both side is printed with picture on method of chopping the shape of the foods you would like to. 

From the left upper corner of the indication pad, that show the blade type that you need to use.

And from the indication pad itself, it show that the food shape will be produced with the setting of the lock you will need to preset before starting of your chopping work.

super chef tupperware complete set

Super Chef Tupperware - how to chop like an expert ? :)

Then, just look closely on the cap of the mando chef itself, it had an printed with a indication line oppositely.

Then you shall just follow exactly the move according to the instruction of the indication pad itself; you can cut the food shape you want perfectly without attend any knife skill training session :)

super chef tupperware indication pad

Lets take a live example :) Say if you want to cut your onion to become the Rodajas shape as picture shown above, you need to set the setting within number 1 to number 9 ( This is the thickness you wish to have, bigger number setting, you will have thicker onion )

Then you will need to turn the knob until the lock picture face up. Now, After let your mando chef cap to ride on the onion, put it on top of the mando chef according to the indication line of the cap.

Then press and move the cap from upward to downward in single direction, and you will get your onion cut in round shape as shown in picture :)   

But when come to the second picture above, the cutting of cube shape, the cutting is a bit tricky :) First, you need to adjust the knob setting to 6 and 9. or 9 and 6

Now, pay close attention to the indication line of the cap. You need to pull the cap from downward to upward of the Super Chef Tupperware, by position the cap with the same indication line position as shown in picture.

When the cap reach upward, now turn the cap to 90 degree clockwise position. You can ensure the turning is correct or not by check the indication line position on the mando chef cap.

Then push the cap from upward to downward.. and repeat the move above again. I believe from the example I gave, now you able to interpreted the instruction that show on the indication pad, right? :)

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