Shaker Tupperware Guide

Shaker Tupperware, also known as Mini Quick Shake. It allow you to shake your liquid ingredients you want smoothly within few shakes ( less than  10 seconds )

The shakers itself is consist of few parts, the shaker base with printed indicator, that able to store capacity up to 300ml, the seal with sprout, the cap, and also come with one blender wheel.

What is so special about Shaker Tupperware?

You can use the shaker to blend your mixed nutrition drinks or powder drink very smooth -  such as milk, fiber, milo, horlick, chocolate drinks..

It even much smoother compare to if you stir the drink with spoon.. in much shorter time ! No jokes :)

You are hardly find any powder particles in your drinks after you had shake it with the shakers ( I believe you get what I means - the small stubborn powder particles remain inside the drinks if we are stirring our drinks not perfect enough )

Limited edition shaker tupperwareThe limited Edition Red Shaker Tupperware

The secret of the shaker tupperware is fall on the blender wheel :) You need to slot in the blender wheel into shaker first before you blend your favorite drinks :)

If the capacity indicator on the shaker base is went off, you can claim it for the tupperware lifetime warranty :)

As it is hard for you to do measurement after the indication paint went off.

But to be honest, since this shaker set is discontinued item, if you bring it to tupperware center and ask for replacement, probably high chance that you will be replaced by other tupperware products that have similar value with this shaker.. You can no longer get a new shaker ! 

shaker tupperware complete set

To avoid that, I suggest you to protect your shaker on hand nicely, as it is nearly extinct ! :)

When you wash outer part of your shaker cup, just wipe with a wet cloths softly, to avoid rubbing off the printing indicator :) As your external shaker cup will usually not get dirty much, no need to clean it with your full strength :) 

Due to the shaker itself is liquid tight, the lid is very hard to close. You need to put the shaker cup on the table, then press the cap edge to the cup wall. 

You can take a look on the video below on how to close the lid and give you some idea this shaker is suitable to shake for what kind of  food :)

Ya, I would like to add on that, when you mixing your drink mixture, better don't use very hot water.. just slightly warm water is ok :)

I had experienced myself before that, when using hot water to mix my drinks, half way shaking, the whole cap "pop out" and the hot drinks spill out and hurt my hand... This accident happened is due to the heat released inside the shaker have no space to released when I was shaking it :(

Please learn from my true story :)

If you are looking for a great Tupperware shaker deal, you can find out more here.

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