How to Sell Tupperware?

There are many ways to sell Tupperware :) Which way is the best way? Hard to say, it is more on which methods you prefer :)

There are many tupperware sales force had build their business successfully with different methods :) 

How to sell Tupperware effectively?

1. Tupperware Party

You can invite the potential prospect and book a dating with her to sell Tupperware.

Ask the prospect to invite 3 to 8 friends to her home. When the time arrived, you can bring along your tupperware products and present demo to the guests. 

You can add in some fun factors, such as Tupperware party games, lucky draw and add in a few jokes to have crowd control to keep your guests happy by attending your party :)

The demo you chosen, need to be having "Wow!" effect to show how amazing your tupperware products can do, and plant the message - " I need to have this in my home ! " into your guest mindset :)

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You can prepare an order form, by package the few products you demo in several package and let them tick and order the package they want :)

The order form helps to keep your guest stay focus and order the products easily.

If you give your guests whole set of tupperware catalog, they will look through all the products and get confused, end up don't know what to buy = no need to buy at all ! 

You can encourage sales via set challenges to your guest, such as if today sales reach certain amount will be entitled for the sales draw, or will get a free Tupperware hamper :)

2. Sell Tuppeware in Roadshow

You can open a booth in shopping complex, and present your Tupperware products to the shoppers, introduce tupperware products and also the business opportunity to them.

You need to get acknowledge license from Tupperware HQ before organized the Tupperware roadshow as you the roadshow host is representing Tupperware corporate image.

In the roadshow, you can also chose one or two Tupperware products to do demo and attract crowd to gather in front of your kiosk. Human loves to gather and find out what is happening when they see crowd stationed at one place.

So, it is better to have at least 2 pax - 3 pax roadshow team member when you are operating a roadshow. If you only have 1 pax, you are unable to handle sudden crowd all by yourself alone, end up all crowd come in, all crowd gone.. wasted.

Roadshow is a good place to have good sales and recruit lot of downline :)

I will suggest you try to promote high value items in the roadshow as you can earn higher commission; and the shoppers in the shopping complex is in relax, not hurry mood together with open to buy mindset :)

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