Party Tupperware Guide

Before the Party Tupperware start, if you are the tupperware consultant that host the party, you shall ask the attendant to sign on the attendance list.

Later on when the tupperware party start, you shall give on time lucky draw for the attendant who arrived punctually.

With this strategy, you will encourage the attendant to be punctual in next Tupperware party :)

Before the product demo start, you need to prepare a product list and pass to each of the customers.

The list shall consist the products package with price that will present by you later on, so that the customers can just tick on the product they want without heavy consideration on what to buy and you can get the sales easily :)

When the Party Tupperware is ongoing, it is important for you to create interaction with the audience in order to build relationship with your potential customers.

Party Tupperware ongoing.

What is so important in Party Tupperware?

How? You can come out some games idea to play together with them :) Games always the best ice breaking tool to shorten the distance between people :)

You can also throw some questions to your audience during the demo; to see how they react. Remember that, the whole tupperware party shall be having 2 way communication between you and your customers.

If your audience remain quiet and watch your show from the beginning to end, then most probably they will just left after you ask :" Any questions? " :)

During your whole presentation, it is important to have eye contact with your audience from the beginning to end :) Usually people will pay attention to what you are saying when you are looking at them.

But of course, you will frightened people away by just look at the same person all the time :) Your eye view shall move from the front row to the back row, left side to the right side, move it slowly and naturally during your presentation :)

So that you can cover the whole group, and everyone think that you are talking to him / her :)

And you need to adjust your tone volume during the whole presentation if necessary. It is important so that your audience will not get boring with your voice, and still concentrate on what you say :)

Of course, the most important part, is the quality of content; what you are going to say during your presentation ? You can write down your speech from the beginning until the end, and try to rehearse yourself again and again until you get familiar with it :)

If you are new to host a Tupperware party, it sound a bit harsh :( But when you are get used to it, you can do it naturally, just like breath :)

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