Old Tupperware vs New Tupperware Review

Any idea what is the difference between the old tupperware and new tupperware?

Base on comments from lot of my die hard Tupperware customers that support Tupperware for more than 30 years, they all told me that vintage tupperware will have much higher product quality compare to new tupperware products. 

According to them, the container base and lids of the vintage tupperware is more solid, and not so easy to crack or having defects compare to the new tupperware :)

They all claimed that they had used the vintage tupperware for many years and hardly got defect, except some minor scratches on the lids itself that cause by finger nails.

And most new tupperware products container base is much thinner, and the lids can have crackline defects very fast; might be within 1 - 2 years of usage. 

Then, the old tupperware container colour is not that attractive compare to the new tupperware nowadays. The vintage tupperware container set will usually have plain color or very light color.

old tupperware poster

The major difference between the old tupperware and new tupperware..

Thanks to the modern technology, the new tupperware color is very sharp, and a lot of color combination. You can fall in love with the new tupperware products easily by just looking at its color alone :)

In the olden days, Vintage tupperware do not have so many product range, usually is applying one container fit all purpose.

Whereby new tupperware now had so many different range, some products is air tight container to store dry food and to keep freshness, some are for freezer storage, some are for fridge storage, some are for microwave reheat series - much more specific and organized :)

In the olden days, most tupperware consultants get their tupperware sales via Tupperware party. How strong of your organization usually purely depend on how many tupperware party from your team is hosting within the same month.

With the aid of internet and social media, a lot of tupperware consultants are trying different channels to access to their new customer market, such as facebook, blog, forum and etc.

There are also some tupperware organization strengthen their team via recruiting road show in the shopping complex or events. There are more channels to buy Tupperware. 

Some countries even do have Tupperware retail center that allow you to walk in and make your purchase regardless you are tupperware member or not.

In the olden days, if you want to buy Tupperware, you can only buy through Tupperware party, there is no others way :)

You can also see that more gentleman is participating in this Tupperware business.

Whereby, in the olden days, almost 90% of the tupperware business builder are ladies :) Most of them are house wife :) As house wife able to adjust their flexible time to host the Tupperware party to their prospects. 

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