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Tupperware company is releasing limited edition New Tupperware products from time to time to attract repeat sales from their existing customers. 

No doubt, this is an effective strategy to lure the tupperware fans like me to pull out money from the purse to collect the limited edition Tupperware.

The limited edition products, sometimes is entirely new products that never launched before, sometime is the similar products, but launched in different color. 

For example, I have different color and capacity of eco bottles that sitting in my collection shelf; most of them is limited edition color :) 

Although I know I might no need to use so many eco bottles at one time; but the color is so lovely, and all of them are Limited Edition with limited time offer; which mean if I don't grab them now, I might lost them forever :(

Well, by all means, I think collect Tuperware products as hobby; I and my family will still use them someday, much better than gambling or buy something that is useless at all.. and I think you will agree with me, you will be pleasant by looking at this beautiful tupperware products sitting in your house :)

Tupperware eco bottle series

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The New Tupperware Sparkle Eco bottle set 

And now, the latest limited released eco bottles set up to July 2017 in Malaysia is known as Sparkle Eco Bottle Set of 4. It is come with a gift box and each eco bottles is up to 500ml capacity.

New Tupperware Sparkle Eco bottle Gift Set

Can't you see? The gift box is so adorable and standing out ! Tupperware itself is carrying the name of " Branded product". You can buy and present it as a present to your friends or family members. I am sure that they will use it for very long time.. and every time when they use this eco bottle set, they will remembering you, the gift giver :)  

I think I will ask my husband to buy and gift it to me as present. haha :)

Limited Sparkle Eco bottle set of 4

This New Tupperware square eco bottle set come with 4 color, red, orange, purple and chilli red, and each of them come in with a flip top cover, allow you to flip and get your juicy drink within seconds !

And the front side of the bottle body is printed with some attractive sparkle flower and star design. Each of the container size is 6.3cm (L) x 6.3cm (W) x 20.5cm (H), 500ml each.

The size of the container is come into handy, not too big or too small, right suitable size to slip into your hand bag and you are ready to go :)

sparkle eco bottle stackable outlook

You can see above, square eco bottle design are having an advantage over the normal round eco bottle, it can be stackable one after another inside your fridge to maximize your fridge storage space ( Well you know, each inch of space inside your fridge is crucial :P ) 

You can buy this set of Limited Edition Sparkle Square Eco bottle here:

Tupperware Limited Edition Sparkle Eco bottle  (Set of 4) -  $30.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

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