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Containers Tupperware is famous for its elegant and ergonomic design. Each design of the Tupperware products had its purpose to serve the user need :)

A lot of people know that Tupperware is producing plastic food containers. But not many of them knowing that different range of Tupperware products are serving for different purposes :)

Some of the folks thought that all Tupperware containers are air tight containers.. and they are feel being cheated when the Tupperware containers on their hand unable to keep the cookies within remain crispy :(

In fact, not all tupperware containers are air tight, the famous air tight containers is Tupperware Modular Mates Series, Tupperware One Touch Series and Counterpart Range.

Some containers are designed to keep the frozen meat remain fresh inside the freezer, that know as Tupperware Freezermate Series, there are also containers to keep your vegetables and fruits remain fresh inside your refrigerator, that know as Tupperware Vent Smart Series and Tupperware Fridgemart Series.

How to use different Containers Tupperware?

Other than dry food storage container and freezer food storage container, Tupperware also launched different range of Kitchen Preparation Tool too :)

All Tupperware containers are covered under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty. Yes, you do not hear me wrong :) It is Lifetime Warranty ! 

When any of your Tupperware containers encountered natural damage under domestic use, regardless is cap, seal, lid, or the container base itself, you can bring it over to any Tupperware center in any part of the world to get the new replacement spare part free of charge :) 

What it mean by natural damage? It means that when you open your tupperware lid, or cap , or seal like how you open it daily, but it get broken or peel off, then you can send it for replacement :)

Same go to your container base, if you discover the container base crack, or skin peel off under domestic use, then you can send it for replacement.

If your Tupperware containers having defects due to impact damage, cuts, pest bites ( usually is rat bite or cockroach bites ), melting, colorful print on the container went off, is not covered under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty.

Please note that strap, pouch, blades, water taps is considered as wear and tare items that not covered under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty as well.

There is one benefit of using  Containers Tupperware is that, you no need to throw the container away if you had lost any of the spare parts; lids or caps :)

You can just buy back the missing spare part from the Tupperware Center and your Tupperware container will be ready to serve you again :)

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