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Ni hao ma? Hi, I am Alice See, a pretty chinese lady :) Ni hao ma in mandarin means how are you? :)

I am a happy 29 years old girl that stay in Malaysia. Since I was a kid, my mum always bring me to attend tupperware party that organized by her friends upline.

19 years back, my mum herself is a house wife. Her job is to bring me to school and send me back and taking care of the housework. You can imagine her daily routine, send me to school, housework, pick me from school, housework again.. Life is rather boring :(

Whenever there is a tupperware party organized by her friends, she will be so excited to invite all her friends and neighbor to attend.. It is a Super Carnival to her!

She is enjoying herself by chit chatting with friends, watching tupperware demo like watching magic show, learn and practice different food recipes at no charge.. dad is enjoying testing her new recipe food too :)

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Me? Of course I am happy to follow her along:)

Tupperware party is a BIG party for me:)

I more focus on eating my fried mee hoon, fried chicken and I won't miss out the cold orange juices while my mum is busy learning in the Tupperware party :)

My mum is a die hard tupperware fan that won't miss any Tupperware party call !

As her "loyal Tupperware party companion" for the past 11 years, I had polish my Tupperware products knowledge a lot :)  

19 April 2017, is a special day for me :)

My first website baby, alicescontainers.com born today :) 

My initially domain name is tupperware-guide.com, but I changed it to Alice's Containers.com later on 6 Oct 2017 :)

I am not really good in English.. but by having full passion in tupperware, it help me develop this website with my full heart :)

I intend to share the tupperware products tips I learn through this website with you ; and if you have any your good Tupperware tips to share, please let me know through contact me form here, so that I can publish on my website to let other tupperware fans knows too :) 

It is always pleasure to meet up with new tupperware fans and exchanging ideas with each other :)

Beside, I am selling some Tupperware products in very good price :) You can check out our Tupperware products Store here , you may find some products that you like :) 

Feel free to contact me through my Contact Me form if you have any inquiry pertaining Tupperware products.

I will try my best to help out; even you do not need any help, just drop me an email to say "Hi" is good too :) Can't wait to get in touch with you :)

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