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Tupperware products had been introduced to the market since my mum generation 40 years ago. My mum is a tupperware lover since she was young :)

She and I love to join Tupperware party :) I still remember the tasty food and the funny games  :)

I still remember in my childhood that every time when I won in the game.. I scream out loud and jump happily up and down :)

Everytime when i won in a game, I able to get a free little gift from the party organizer :) And I still keep these cute gifts with me till now :)

Back to 20 years ago, there is no Ipad, no smart phone, no computer to access internet.. not much entertainment we have.  

Every time when my mum upline call for a Tupperware party, its like a carnival to us !

Tupperware Party ongoingThis is how a tupperware party ongoing look like :)

My mum will horn all her friends and neighbors to join in the party, sometimes the party held in our house, sometimes held in our neighbor house.

Each of the guests will prepare and bring over some of their 'proudest' food and share among each other during the party -  they called this as " pot luck "

And the party organizer, Aunty Ivy will teach us some new tasty food recipes and introduce us new tupperware products every time she came.. 

I am so admired on Aunty Ivy that she always has endless tasty recipe to teach, and a lot of funny games to make everyone happy in her party :) 

Throughout these years, I have learn a lot of products knowledge and tips from Aunty Ivy; I think it is time for me to pay it forward to create this website and share all the knowledge I have with you here :)

The most complaints I heard is that :" How come products nowadays quality is so bad ?!

I still remember 30 years back, the product quality was so good ! The seal of the container have no problems at all even I had them with me for more than 30 years ! 

But a lot of new range product seals can be easily broken or peel off within one or two years ! Aha ! When you hear such complains, mostly it is referring to the Freezermate range series seal.

In the olden days, there is no freezermate series, most products was meant to serve for dry storage purposes. Therefore, the seal produced is much more thick and solid.

However, the freezermate series is designed to be keep food fresh inside the fridge, therefore the container seal need to be thin, so that the cool air from fridge can transfer into the container fast, in order to keep your raw food inside the freezer fresh.

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In fact, thin seal helps to save your fridge electricity. The fridge temperature is generated by a motor and it come with a sensor to detect the temperature of your freezer.

If your container base and skin is thick, it will take longer time to transmit the cold air into your container; therefore the freezer motor will need to spend more energy and you need to pay higher electricity bills for your freezer.

Whereby if your container base and lid skin is thin, the freezer motor just need to operate very short time to transmit the cold air into the food content of your container; it helps to save your electricity bills :) 

In fact, most seal was damaged or chipped off is due to a lot of folks do not know the correct method to open your container seal.

You can learn how to open your seal properly here, in order to protect your container seal for lasting long. 

Be my guest :) Feel free to flip through my website, you might find something useful :)

I will keep update this website with latest information. You can just bookmark it for latest updates reference in future :)

If there is any question come into your mind, feel free to ask, I can't guarantee that I will able to solve your problems.. but I will try my best to help :) 

I also love to meet you, a Tupperware fan from the other side of the world :)

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